Maillot de football vintage extérieur FC Barcelone 2013-2014 - Nike - Barcelone
Maillot de football vintage extérieur FC Barcelone 2013-2014 - Nike - Barcelone
Maillot de football vintage extérieur FC Barcelone 2013-2014 - Nike - Barcelone

2013-2014 FC Barcelona away football shirt


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Retro football shirt condition:

The Football Market give you the opportunity to buy this used vintage football jersey worn by Barcelona. Created and sold by Nike this retro jersey was released during the 2013-2014 season.

The shirt size is estimated because his label is unreadable and/or cut. We estimate that this jersey has a match to XS.

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This shirt is in a quite middle condition in spite of its ancientness, we gave it 2 stars out of 5 ! (Check condition details for apparent defects)

Details: Threads damaged and stains in front 

Additional informations.
Estimated size: XS

Armpit to armpit: 18 inches

Length under collar: 22 inches
Back: none
Short sleeves
- Shirt with small imperfections


How our shirts are certified?

On The Football Market, we only sell second hand vintage football shirts only. Our philosophy and DNA is to provide these authentic retro jerseys. To determine the conformity of these retro jerseys with our values, each one goes through several verification steps in the hands of our experts. From selection to shipping, each vintage jersey is meticulously evaluated to guarantee its authenticity. All of our online jerseys have gone through this process and are therefore authentic.


How do we rate the condition of the vintage jerseys ?

We've created a system for evaluating our football jerseys with a star system, here's how to interpret them:

5 stars :
Shirt like new, it is kept in mint condition. No stains, bublles, tears or loose threads despite the age of the jersey.

4 stars :
Shirt in very good condition, very well preserved. It may have a slight stain or some bublles but the jersey remains of very good quality. The logos and flocking are in good condition.

3 stars :
Shirt in good condition, it may show some light stains and pilling that remain discreet as to the general condition of the shirt. Logos and flocking may also be slightly faded. 

2 stars :
Shirt in an average state, it may present several stains, pilling and light tears. Logos or flocking can also be damaged or even faded.

1 star : Shirt in very average condition, it's damaged. May present large stains, pilling, loose threads or large tears. Suitable for collecting.


How do we measure every dimension of retro jerseys?

The condition of the jerseys can vary from year to year as can the size. Our team takes the necessary measurements in cm (shoulder to shoulder and length under collar) to help you in the right selection of your jersey size. It is important to check all these elements before your purchase so that you can enjoy your retro jersey as soon as you receive your parcel.


How to choose the right shirt size?

In order to choose the right size for your vintage jersey, we recommend that you take into account the measurements detailed in the description. If you have the possibility, compare with one of your jerseys. If the size does not fit you, you have 30 days to return your product.