Retro Chelsea Shirts


      Chelsea Football Club are one of the most successful English Premier League teams with recent Champions League honours and a consistently high level of domestic achievements. Chelsea football legends such as Frank Lampard and Didier Drogba have provided some iconic retro Chelsea shirts over the years. 

      History of Retro Chelsea Shirts

      The history of the Chelsea FC began in 1904, when Gus Mears and his brother bought a sports stadium known as Stamford Bridge. The Fulham Football Club was considered the name of the club they created for their stadium, but there was already a team with that name. Finally, they decided to give it the name of one of the neighbours: Chelsea.

      Chelsea's Recent Success

      Chelsea have won two Champions League trophies, one in 2012 against Bayern Munich (which was won on penalties with club legend Didier Drogba scoring the winning penalty) and one against Manchester City in 2021. The most recent trophy was a competitive final, with one goal in the game. N'golo Kante had an exceptional game, with Havertz on the scoresheet. Wearing a typical all blue Chelsea football kit, Tomas Tuchel's squad fully deserved their most recent Champions League Trophy.

      In terms of English Premier League success, Roman Abramovich's takeover has brought the club 5 trophies, including a few historic seasons under Jose Mourinho. Currently the team are always in the top four position, and their success remains strong.

      Retro Chelsea Shirts: The Great Players Who Wore Them

      Adidas, Umbro and other renowned manufacturers have made the retro shirts for various Chelsea FC stars over the years: from Didier Drogba to Arjen Robben and Juan Mata to Petr Čech, the range of classic football shirts is huge. Frank Lampard, David Luiz and John Terry also provide some of the premier league's most famous retro football shirts.

      Football fans who regularly attend Stamford Bridge have been privileged to witness the sporting achievements that are linked to some of retro Chelsea shirts.

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