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      Valenciennes Football Club has one of the most exciting clubs in the second French division. But beyond his good football on the pitch, he has one of the most fascinating trajectories, with an infinite number of retro Valenciennes FC jerseys, which are now the subject of a desire from collectors and fans.

      Do you want to make your friends and family want to come? The Football Market gives you the opportunity to purchase the most emblematic vintage jerseys from Valenciennes FC. From the historic 1995 outfit with white diamonds on classic red, to the red white sleeved jersey and Toyota advertising for the 2009-2010 season.

      Uhisport, Nike and other manufacturers have been dressing players from Valenciennes since the beginning of this team, originally from the city of the same name in Haute-France.

      Obtaining a classic Valenciennes FC jersey from 1913 means owning a treasure of incalculable value, because that is the year it was founded. The young Englishmen Joly, Colson and Bouly created it shortly before the outbreak of the First World War.

      Over their more than 100-year history, Valenciennes FC's vintage football jerseys have worn the most famous numbers: Didier Six, Dominique Dropsy, Renaud Cohade, Réginald Ray, Rudy Mater or Saliou Ciss, among others.

      Generations of fans first attended Nungesser Stadium, then the new Hainaut Stadium with their retro Valenciennes FC football jersey. You can't enjoy the game the same way without your favorite team's jersey, can you?

      If you are looking for classic Valenciennes FC football jerseys, The Football Market has the widest choice on the Internet, in sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL.

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