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      Plymouth Argyle Football Club is a historic team in the third division of English football. However, its modest record does not reflect the long history of the Devonshire club, whose origins date back to the early days of the sport in Europe.

      Would you like to include a retro Plymouth Argyle jersey in your collection? On The Football Market, you will discover Plymouth Argyle's largest selection of historical jerseys. From the team that won the first league in the 1958-1959 season, to the vintage Plymouth Argyle jersey that had its only victory in the two-league in the 2001-2002 season.

      Pilgrims' beginnings date back to 1886. Their curious green shield with four sails refers to the Mayflower, a historic ship that in 1620 led English pilgrims to the New World. His hometown, Plymouth, was the starting point for this maritime journey.

      Plymouth Argyle's classic football jerseys are not synonymous with great triumphs. The Devon County Club has never had a top eleven, but they have experienced great feats, such as winning the Premier League twice.

      Puma, Adidas and other brands have signed Plymouth Argyle's vintage football jerseys. Some of them had such famous numbers as Carl Fletcher, Romain Larrieu, Gary Sawyer, Luke McCormick or Paul Wotton, among other English football stars.

      For Plymouth Argyle fans, there's nothing better than going to Home Park Stadium and enjoying their team with a classic Plymouth Argyle jersey.

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