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      The red and blue of the jerseys at the Stade de Reims is synonymous with history, emotion and an unparalleled show. With more than a century of tradition, this club, well known in the French Ligue 1, is home to many retro jerseys from the Stade de Reims that you will find on The Football Market.

      Historical and contemporary players such as Cedric Fauré, Grejohn Kyei, Carlos Bianchi, David Guion and Gregory Berthier have worn some of the most emblematic jerseys at the Stade de Reims. Many of their numbers have become real relics over the years, and that's why the classic Reims Stadium jerseys are so popular with fans and collectors.

      The Reims Stadium was founded in 1910. At the time, it was known as the Société Sportive du Parc Pommery, although it did not take its current name until June 1931. Throughout its history, its stars have worn countless vintage jerseys from the Stade de Reims with all the designs and shapes.

      Since its inauguration in 1934, the grass of the Auguste Delaune stadium has witnessed the greatest achievements of the Reims stadium. While this team's record cannot match that of Olympique de Marseille or Paris Saint Germain, they boast one of the best fan groups in the world.

      Available in different sizes, the vintage football jerseys from the Stade de Reims that you have always dreamed of can be found on The Football Market.

      What are you waiting for to keep a piece of the history of this club?

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