Vintage / retro football shirts VFB Stuttgart


      VB Stuttgart, better known by its acronym VfB, is a proven German first division team that has left its mark on the retro jerseys of VB Stuttgart, fans have a choice! At The Football Market, you can buy some of the German club's most emblematic jerseys.

      From the 1994-1995 season jersey, famous for Súdmilch's advertising and the oblique red stripes he wore, to the vintage VB Stuttgart jersey they wore during their last Bundesliga title in 2006-2007.

      Nicknamed the Schwabens, their origins date back to April 2, 1912. It was born from the merger of two eleven historical companies of the time: the FV Stuttgart 93 and the Kronen-Club Cannstatt. Since its creation, manufacturers such as Adidas and Puma have dressed their different stars.

      Karlheinz Förster, Sami Khedir, Andreas Beck, Daniel Didavi, Christian Gentner, Mario Gómez and other geniuses of the king of sport wore their numbers in the classic VB Stuttgart jerseys, more iconic.

      But what makes the VB Stuttgart classic football jerseys so valuable are the sporting achievements they have witnessed. The grass of the Mercedes-Benz Arena has seen some of its greatest triumphs in various national and European competitions.

      It is only on The Football Market that you will have the chance to get some of the most iconic VB Stuttgart vintage football jerseys in the history of this club.

      Available in sizes XS, M, L and XL, among others, these vintaged outfits are in an unequalled state of preservation. For German football fans, there is no better gift than a historic jersey from a team as memorable as VB Stuttgart.

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