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      Real Zaragoza is one of the reference clubs in the Spanish top flight, with the seventh best record in this national competition, not to mention the international titles. For fans and collectors, the retro Real Zaragoza jerseys that have experienced these achievements are worth their weight in gold.

      From jerseys with the 2010-2011 season's Proniño advertising, to the classic Real Zaragoza jersey that won them the King's Cup in 1964.

      We must not forget the jersey, which saw them finish second in the European Super Cup in 1995. At The Football Market, you can buy these and other vintage Real Zaragoza football jerseys.

      The origins of the Aragonese club date back to 1932, following the union of Iberia S.C. and Zaragoza. He started his sporting career as Zaragoza Football Club. From 1922 onwards, the stadium and the club adopted the "real" one, as did the other Spanish teams.

      Luanvi, Adidas and other manufacturers have dressed the different stars of Zaragoza: Sergio García, Savo Milošević, Diego Milito, Ander Herrera, Roberto Ayala, Juan Eduardo Esnáider or Pablo Aimar, among other historical and active players.

      Going to Romareda Stadium would not be the same without a retro Real Zaragoza football jersey, due to the strong symbolic power of some teams that have experienced epic moments.

      You are a fan of Los Maños and you want a vintage Real Zaragoza jersey, you're lucky! On The Football Market you will find the largest selection of mythical clothing in this historic Aragonese ensemble.

      What are you waiting for to get the most beautiful jerseys from Real Zaragoza?

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