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      The Royal White Star Brussels is one of the Belgian clubs of later creation, active in the Belgian third division. On The Football Market, you will find a varied selection of retro White Star Brussels jerseys, which are the most emblematic.

      You are a fan of Étoilés and you want to get your hands on a real vintage White Star Brussels jersey? There are many jerseys that have marked the trajectory of this team, which comes from the city of Woluwe-Saint-Lambert.

      Great Belgian footballers have worn their numbers on the classic White Star Brussels jerseys: Aurélien Joachim, Noël Soumah, Mike Vanhamel, Mamadou Fall or Jérémy Huyghebaert, among other historical and current stars.

      His origins date back to 1948, when he competed under the name Kapelleveld FC. Two years later, it was renamed Woluwe FC, and in 1963 also following a merger. Since then, it has been known as White Star Brussels FC.

      Despite a drought of prestigious victories in competition, the grass at Fallon Stadium has experienced its golden age. If fans cannot take over part of this stadium, they can enjoy some of the classic White Star Brussels football shirts that have made history.

      Only at The Football Market will you be able to buy the most iconic White Star Brussels vintage football jerseys of all time, available in a wide variety of sizes.

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