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      The Genoa Cricket and Football Club is one of the most historic teams not only in Serie A but also in the rest of European football competitions. The various retro Genoa CFC jerseys that have paraded on the fields are in high demand on The Football Market.

      For fans, there is nothing like buying the equipment that marked this era. From the red and blue outfits of the 1993-1994 season with Saiwa advertising, to the vintage jersey of the Genoa CFCs, who had their first Serie A triumph in the 1898 season.

      For fans and collectors alike, clothes like the one from 1991-1992, which saw the semi-finals of the UEFA Cup, are worth their weight in gold. Errea and other major manufacturers have dressed the stars of the Italian team, including Cesare Prandelli, Miguel Veloso, Marco Rossi, Diego Milito, Stefano Sturaro and Domenico Criscito.

      Part of the fame of some classic CFC Genoa jerseys is due to the latter and other vintage elements. The history of the Ligurian team begins in 1893. At that time, it was known as the Genoa Cricket and Athletic Club, and was founded by James Richardson Spensley. Over the years, the team has acquired its major identity features.

      For Genoa fans, there is nothing like going to the Luigi Ferraris Stadium to enjoy Genoa. But this experience can be felt with particular intensity with a retro CFC Genoa football jersey.

      At The Football Market, you will find the largest selection of Genoa's classic CFC football jerseys, available in a variety of sizes.

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