12 historical football shirts that are part of the heritage of this sport

Many fans are wondering which are the most important and influential historical football shirts of all time. The answer is to be found in the stars who wore them, as well as in the titles they won.

The Bleus of Zidane and Platini would not have transcended only by the beauty of their t-shirt, although their design has also been engraved in the retina of fans. The same goes for Pelé's Canarinha in 1959, Beckenbauer's Germany in 1974 and the Red in 1998.

But among the historical football shirts we also recognize such emblematic clubs as Guardiola and Cruyff's Dream Team or Real Madrid's Galactic Era.

For various reasons, the clothing of these teams occupy an honorary place in the Olympus of football. Are you in the mood to discover them?

Looking for historical football shirts? These 12 marked a before and an after

La Canarinha de Pelé, 1958 and 1971

The Brazilian national team is one of the great references for lovers of good football. In many ways, his jogo bonito was born with Pelé. The Canarinha has two historical costumes: the one of 1957 and the one of 1971.

Although it may come as a surprise, Brazil's legendary 10 debuted with the No13 in July 1957. This team, used to play the Roca Cup, witnessed its debut against Argentina. Pelé was so unknown in his own country that Brazilian commentators referred to him as Telé. 

This t-shirt, as well as the 1958 t-shirt, would have similar designs, always with yellow, green and blue. However, it is very coveted by fans, as with it Pelé won the World Cup in Sweden that year.

Another of the historic football shirts also features Pelé: the 1971 shirt, which was the last year this genius played with La Canarinha.

Los Galácticos, 2001 and 2003

Some of the historic football shirts from the Galactic Era could not be missing: in particular, the ones from 2001 and 2003 stood out, due to the honours they accumulated.

The so-called Galacticos were Portugal's Figo, Brazil's Ronaldo, England's Beckham and France's Zidane, who combined their talents with Spanish stars such as Raul Gonzalez to win the 2001 UEFA Champions League in 2001.

The clothing used, with the traditional white color and Siemens advertising, is one of the most sought after among fans. No less relevant was the clothing of the 2003-2004 season, when Real Madrid won the Spanish Super Cup against Real Club Deportivo Mallorca.

Los Bleus, 1982 and 1998

The only two World Cups of the French national team cannot compete with the five of Brazil. However, the Bleus have left an indelible mark on world history. The outfits of 1982 and 1998 are special for different reasons.

First of all, the 1998 World Cup would mark a before and an after, as it would award the first World Cup to France. Thierry Henry, David Trezeguet, Bernard Lama, Robert Pirès or Zinedine Zidane wore mythical clothing with an unmistakable horizontal red stripe.

But how to exclude Michel Platini's France from this top of historic football shirts? There is no doubt about it, due to the great influence of the French genius, who shone with special intensity at the 1982 World Cup in Spain.

Guardiola's Dream Team, 1992 and 2009

Considered by many to be an evolution of Dutch football as a whole, the Barça of 1992 and 2009 had an enormous influence on the world of football. Their onces were named Dream Team and their t-shirts are the object of desire among fans and collectors.

The one from 1992, had a design signed by Kappa, with big vertical stripes in the classic blaugranas colors. Ronald Koeman, Josep Guardiola, Stoichkov, Romário, Laudrup or Zubizarreta stood out in this first Dream Team, winner of the Champions League in 1992 against Sampdoria.

In 2006, with Josep Guardiola as coach, Barça climbed a new level by winning the hat-trick (Cup, League and Champions League), with Puyol, Xavi, Iniesta, Pique, Dani Alves and of course Leo Messi, among other figures.

For the culés or simply lovers of this sport, the clothing of Guardiola's Dream Team is a must-have model when buying historical football shirts.

Beckenbauer's Germany, 1974 and 1990

Although Gerd Müller and Lothar Matthäus had a strong impact on German football and society, Franz Beckenbauer was their revolutionary. The key moments of his national team, as well as his jerseys, are linked to Beckenbauer: the 1974 and 1990 jerseys.

Held in West Germany, the 1974 World Cup witnessed Germany's first FIFA World Cup triumph. As you can easily imagine, Beckenbauer was in his eleven. The design of the shirt that was worn was characterized by the contrast between the shirt and white socks and black pants.

Beckenbauer repeated this feat in 1990 at the World Cup in Italy. Its design was unquestionably more beautiful than that of 1974, standing out for the three stripes that crossed horizontally the t-shirt with the colors of the German flag.

Without a doubt, one of those historical football shirts that any fan would like to have in their private collection.

La Roja, 1992 and 2010

Among the historic football shirts was the one of Spain in 1992, when Barcelona hosted the Olympic Games of that year, one of the most remembered editions.

The shirt used, which saw how La Roja was made with Olympic gold, had a very particular design: to the typical colors of the selection was added a decoration with a typeface in the center of the shirt, in yellow and dark blue, which was never re-edited again.

But the recent history of La Roja is also of great importance for fans, due to the many sporting successes achieved since 2006. However, the most remembered jersey will always be the 2010 jersey, protagonist of Spain's victory in the World Cup in South Africa.

His design was also one of the most beautiful that are remembered, with the attempt red as dominant, accompanied by the blue of the shorts and various ornaments and details in yellow (the dorsal, sleeve lines, etc.).