7 things that will surprise you about the France 1998 jersey

After the players, the outfits have been the main protagonists in each of the
major world events. This has been the case since the first edition of the World
Cup was held in Uruguay in 1930.
France 98 was one of the most exciting World Cups in living memory, loaded
with symbolism in the case of the French national team, as we see in the
motto Black Blanc Beur.
But if there's one thing fans haven't forgotten, it's the France 1998 jersey.
The equipment worn by Les Bleus, with Zinedine Zidane at the head, had a
colorful and innovative design, which is now the object of desire in auction

Do you know the secrets behind the France shirt from
the World Cup in 1998?

Most of the fans do a very superficial reading of the France jersey of the
World Cup 98. Why was it so important? The most profane would respond by
enumerating their sporting conquests.
And that's no small number! In fact, France in 1998 beat South Africa, Saudi
Arabia, Denmark, Paraguay, Italy, Croatia and even Brazil. In many ways, this
was the equipping of the invincible France of Aimé Jacquet.
But what secrets are hidden behind the France 98 jersey? What are you
waiting for to discover them!

An unforgettable design

The French national team's clothing shares a characteristic with the English
and Italian teams: their traditional designs have undergone few variations
throughout their history.
Details and typographical changes are incorporated at every World Cup
event, but the combination of colours and patterns remains intact, at least in
the main equipment.
That's why the ultramarine could not be missing from the French national
team jersey. But it integrated details of great beauty, with white stripes on the
neck and sleeves, adorned in turn with blue and red lines.

The dorsal and the manufacturer (Adidas) lined up on the chest, only
separated by a thick red stripe, in contrast to the white trousers. Its designers
tried to make the most of the three stripes and the national tricolour of France.
It is unquestionable that the 1998 France shirt had one of the most beautiful
designs in the history of the World Cup.

The most famous dorsal 10 of the world 98

To speak of this iconic shirt is to speak of one of the emblems of France in the
late twentieth century: Zinedine Zidane.
Named French Player of the Year in 1998 and a member of that year's World
Cup Ideal Team, Zidane played a leading role in the final against Brazil.
For this reason, the number 10 of the clothing of France 98 is not only the
most loved by fans: it is also the most valued by collectors.

Sold by... 91 thousand euros

The latter was demonstrated in 2016, when collector Olivier Demolis paid an
exorbitant price for Zidane's 1998 France jersey.
It was sold for 78,000 pounds (about 91,000 euros approx.), no less. The
model auctioned was not just any clothing, but the one used in France's
victory over Brazil.

Black Blanc Beur

But the France 1998 jersey is not only synonymous with great victories, but
also with diversity.
The French team that took part in this FIFA World Cup was one of the most
multicultural, with immigrants from various backgrounds competing together
for the tricolour flag.
That is why the slogan Black Blanc Beur was used to unite all French people
in the face of the racial tensions and turmoil that shook the whole country
during that decade.

Synonym for great stars...

As with other outfits, the France jersey from the 1998 World Cup would not
have gone down in history if players of the stature of Zinedine Zidane had not
worn it.
In addition to the former Real Madrid coach, other stars who triumphed in this
outfit were Thierry Henry, Frank Leboeuf, David Trezeguet, Patrick Vieira,
Bernard Lama, Vincent Candela, Laurent Blanc and Emmanuel Petit, among
others. His exploits during this World Cup have been recorded, in some way, in this
equipment, so demanded today by fans and collectors.

... and epic victories

But the team will also be remembered for their epic victories over South
Africa, Saudi Arabia, Denmark and Paraguay.
France's 2-1 victory of Croatia by Davor Šuker, Petar Krpan and Ardian
Kozniku was the highlight. The draw against Italy in the quarter-finals, which
was decided in the penalty shootout, was another of the most critical episodes
of this World Cup.
However, the finishing touch came in the final against Brazil. Although football
geniuses such as Cafu, Rivaldo, Emerson, Roberto Carlos, Leonardo and
Ronaldo Nazario defended La Canarinha, Zinedine Zidane's France won 3-0.

Spotted' by the Platini scandal

However, recent statements by Michel Platini 'stained' the history of the
France 1998 jersey and the triumphs achieved.

The former French player, who at the time chaired the Organising Committee
along with Fernand Sastre, admitted on a radio programme that & quot "we weren't
going to bother for six years to prepare for a World Cup so as not to do little

Platini assured that the Organizing Committee manipulated the draw in order
to guarantee a dream final against Brazil. That is why he was deliberately
placed in Group C, made up of Denmark, South Africa and Saudi Arabia. It
wasn't exactly the 'death group'.

The feat of Les Bleus during his World Cup has lost part of its brilliance after
Platini's confession. However, his iconic shirt remains one of the emblems in
the history of the World Cup.

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