8 Nike retro football shirts with more amazing designs

What do Inter's centenary costumes, the most transgressively designed jersey from Juventus in Turin or one of Portland Timbers' first outfits have in common? You guessed it: Nike.

Many of Nike's retro jerseys have marked the history of the sport. This manufacturer started in 1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports. Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight would create a brand called to be mythical, although it was not until 1978 when they launched the first Nike shoes.

In the following lines we will analyze the historical clothing of clubs such as Inter Milan, New York MetroStars or selections such as Croatia in 2007 or Brazil during their participation in the Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996.

Don't miss out on these Nike retro football shirts, as they are part of the world heritage of the beautiful game!

These Nike retro football shirts broke the pattern of the beautiful game

In the following lines you will find a selection of clothing signed by Nike, which stood out for their historical importance, for their emblematism for the fans or for their sporting merits. You can't miss them!

Juventus Turin T-shirt, 2004-05

Gianluigi Buffon wore one of the most unusual visitors to the Vecchia Signora. Along with Ciro Ferrara, Alessandro Del Piero, David Trezeguet and Pavel Nedvěd, Buffon marked an era under Fabio Capello during the 2004-2005 season.

The Stadio delle Alpi witnessed his black shirt with crescendo stripes from left to right in pink. He wore the shield in the middle and two stars on his right shoulder, with the SkySport advertiser on the front.

Needless to say, this is one of Nike's most fascinating retro football jerseys.

Portland Timbers T-shirt, 1978-79

But among Nike's retro football shirts we also find real jewels. This is the case of the Portland Timbers and the equation they used during the 1978-79 season.

Nike's football division signs an agreement with this historic American club, creating a white design with the manufacturer's logo and dorsals in green and two fine stripes on the sleeves with the team's colors, yellow and green.

Inter Centennial T-shirt, 2007-08

Another of Nike's most memorable retro football jerseys featured Inter Milan in their centenary celebrations in 2007.

Nike was inspired by tradition and the values that differentiate the club nerazzurro to make a shirt inspired by the team with which it debuted, under the name of Società Sportiva Ambrosiana.

His design shows a red cross on a white background, with the scudetto in the center and the publicity of Pirelli in a discreet space, under the shield of the club.

Guadalajara Atlas T-shirt, 2002-01

This mythical club of Jalisco, founded in 1916, wore in 2002 a clothing signed by Nike, the most original.

With the advertiser Mnilife on the front and Coca-Cola in miniature, its equipment had a design in red and black with a horizontal degraded effect.

Great stars of the moment, such as José Calderón, Gabriel Caballero, Rodrigo Valenzuela and Gerardo Espinoza, wore this memorable t-shirt.

Croatia T-shirt, 2007-09

Nike's vintage football shirts included the one I designed for the Croatian national team.

It had a very eye-catching design, in dark blue and with a red collar, which stood out for its large checkered white and red stripes on its flanks, symbol of the Croatian national flag.

Figures such as Mario Mandžukić, Ivan Rakitić, Danijel Pranjić or Luka Modrić wore this garment during the Euro 2008, held in Austria and Switzerland, which had Spain as champion.

From a sporting point of view, this garment is linked to the crash of the English team against Luka's Croatia Modrić, when they defeated England leaving it out of the final round.

Brazil T-shirt, 1996

Brazil's stands out among Nike's most popular retro football shirts. To the detriment of Umbro, the Canarinha welcomed the U.S. brand in 1996, committing to the Brazilian football federation (CBF).

Phil Knight said, "We will only understand football when we see the game through the eyes of Brazilians. The team designed for the Atlanta Olympics is special, as it was the first collaboration between Canarinha and Nike.

Its design was traditional, with a yellow t-shirt, blue trousers and white socks, but it has very innovative decorative motifs: an elaborate high collar and lines on the sleeves and shorts.

Nike also took responsibility for the Brazilian team's footwear, investing in the quality of the boots and establishing a football factory in the former cobblestone capital of Montebelluna, Italy.

New York MetroStars T-Shirt, 1997-98

This professional football team from the United States was also dressed by Nike. It produced a very colorful design, with garnet red as the dominant tone, with vertical stripes in navy blue and yellow.

The New York MetroStars, which plays in Major League Soccer, wore this shirt to Paul Dougherty, Rob Johnson, Diego Soñora or Jim Rooney, among other stars of the club.

Derby County Centennial T-Shirt, 1985-86

And if you're still wondering what Nike's retro football jerseys are, you should know that this manufacturer wore Derby County in the 1985-1986 season.

Founded in 1884, the Derby County team had a white design, with dark blue details on the collar and sleeves, and three lines on the chest area in orange, blue and brown.

Geraint Williams, Mickey Lewis, Graham Harbey, Jeff Chandler and David Penney paraded through the playing fields with this outfit, sponsored by Bass.