We all remember France 98. The older ones remember each match as if they were still there. The younger ones, who didn't live through the 1998 World Cup in France, necessarily made up for it by watching the exploits of the 1998 France Team later, notably with "Les yeux dans les bleus" (we know you watched it at least 50 times).

The vintage Adidas jacket from Les Bleus at the time is now considered a true relic. In the first match of the group phase, the French team faced South Africa at the Stade Vélodrome in Marseille. When they took to the field, in addition to their vintage Adidas jersey, the French players had their retro Adidas jersey over their France 98 jersey.

If you don't remember this vintage jacket, you might remember Emmanuel Petit who got the wrong side of it when he wanted to get his hands on his heart during the Marseillaise. If you don't know what we're talking about, catch up for you with the photo below.

Vintage jacket Adidas France 98

Unless the Arsenal player at the time had a different anatomy from ours (which surprises me), he did make a mistake and many fans still associate this mistake by Manu Petit with the vintage white Adidas jacket.

It's the only game where the Blues come out on the field with their retro jacket. For the other matches, the starting players were directly in France 98 jerseys to sing the Marseillaise and start the match. The 1998 vintage Adidas jerseys were dark blue. A red stripe separated the crest of the French team and the Adidas logo from each player's number. A few small white stripes were present underneath the red to add the blue-white-red effect, the strength of this retro Adidas jersey. The strength of the Adidas men's equipment was the same as that for the women.

Adidas retro jacket France 98

The rest of the competition after the 3-0 victory over South Africa, we all know it. A 4-0 victory against Saudi Arabia during which Zinédine Zidane was expelled. This was followed by the "match of the substitutes" against Denmark and a 2-1 victory to consolidate the first place in Group C. During these matches, the vintage jacket was occasionally replaced by a vintage Adidas jumper or a vintage Adidas sweatshirt, especially when the players were replaced and came to sit on the bench.

The knockout games were a little more stressful for the French team fans. Those who experienced them will be able to confirm this. Against Paraguay in the Round of 16, we almost learnt apnea because the extra time was so long and stressful.

In the end, the boss Laurent Blanc, French Team 98 jersey on his back, will end up sending us to the next round by shooting at point-blank range the South American goalkeeper Chilavert who had scared us so much during the match by showing himself impressive. The golden goal is cool but only when we win.

In the quarter against the Italians we were even more scared. In the end we even said to ourselves that Italy would get us in the end. Baggio was just a few millimetres away from eliminating us from our World Cup but in the end we came out on penalties and you can still hear Di Biagio's bar resounding. The players will still have the opportunity to wear their Equipe de France 98 jerseys in the next round.

In the semi-final, we remember that Davor Suker took advantage of Thuram's (very) bad placement to score against Barthez as soon as the second half started. Thuram did himself justice and then scored a historic double (his only two goals in the French team). We are in the final and the offside rule doesn't matter.

For the final, Les Bleus are once again wearing their France 98 jersey. It was an almost too quiet final and sometimes when we look back at the pictures, we wonder how we didn't win 5 or 6-0. 3-0 was enough, a double from Zidane with a header and a Petit goal at the very end of the match to show that 3 is even more solid than 2 and here we are with our star.

This star will be present on next year's vintage Adidas jacket. Thank you Les Bleus, it is impossible to forget this great moment in the history of the French football team with the Adidas France 98 jackets and jerseys.

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Retro clothes are very much in vogue. Vintage football jerseys, vintage jackets or old school Adidas jumpers always make a strong impression. That's why brands like Adidas regularly revisit the outfits of the past or at least make a reminder of them.

This is the case of the German club Bayern Munich, which has been awarded an Adidas Originals collection. In 2016, the Bavarian institution was lucky enough to be at the heart of this collection.

The vintage Adidas jacket, more commonly known as a sweatshirt, was a hit when it was released. This vintage sweatshirt featured the iconic colours of Bayern Munich: red, blue and white.

Adidas Vintage Bayern Munich Sweater

The main objective of this collection was to take the fans back to the 1980s and thus remind them of the footballing memories of the past. White stripes on the sleeves and a period logo are the recipe for this vintage Adidas jacket.

Vintage T-shirts were also designated for this collection. The home football t-shirt has been offered in red colour, again with white stripes on the sleeves and the Adidas logo on the front in miniature and on the back in larger size. The long sleeves are also a reminder of vintage and retro football.

Vintage Adidas jumper Bayern Munich

The outer jersey was offered in white. The Adidas stripes are red on the sleeves. The logo remains in black on the top left of the vintage t-shirt.


In the same year as Bayern Munich, Real Madrid also got its collection: vintage jacket, vintage Adidas jumper and vintage t-shirt.

This collection concerns the outdoor jersey for the 2016-2017 season. This Real Madrid jersey had the particularity of being in purple colour. The Adidas vintage jacket mainly features this colour.

Real Madrid vintage jacket

The Real Madrid logo is also retro. The one on this jacket represents the club's very first logo from 1902 to 1906. The retro wink is therefore both in terms of the colours but also of the Real Madrid and Adidas logo.

The purple Real Madrid vintage jerseys were mainly worn in the 90s.

The Adidas vintage jacket collection also offered a retro Real Madrid football t-shirt for fans.

These retro collections are a good opportunity for Adidas and the clubs to remember the past history of the club to the fans. Fans are bound to recall mythical moments when they see these vintage outfits.

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Olympique de Marseille was founded on 31 August 1899. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Marseilles club, several equipments and products have been designated accordingly.

There is the vintage Adidas jumper of the OM. This is a special version for the club's anniversary. It features the Adidas logo of the year 1999 next to the Olympique de Marseille logo specially modified for the occasion. A new golden colour is also being introduced and this will also be applied to the third OM jersey which is worn in the UEFA Cup. This logo will only be used in this year of the 100 and will be changed the following season when the famous "Right to the goal" will be back.

Adidas OM vintage jacket

During the 1998-99 season, the Olympique de Marseille, with its vintage Adidas jacket, invested heavily in recruitment. Robert Pirès, Florian Maurice and Peter Luccin came to reinforce OM. That season, the Marseilles team finished second in the French championship behind Girondins de Bordeaux and reached the final of the UEFA Cup, unfortunately lost to Parma.

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 When talking about Adidas Vintage articles, it is important to mention the previous collaboration between the three-band brand and the company Ventex. Ventex, an SME from Aube, became a subsidiary of the Adidas group in 1976.

Thanks to this strategy, a good number of Adidas products including vintage jackets and retro jumpers were produced in France. It was therefore not uncommon to find an Adidas Ventex Made in France label on the products. It is therefore easy to see whether the vintage product is vintage or not, the label tells you so.

Adidas Ventex

The collaboration between Adidas and Ventex ended in 1996 for "strategic sourcing reasons". This association remains a historic one for Adidas and for sports products.

For example, during the Atlanta Olympic Games which took place a few months before the break between the two brands, Ventex produced nearly 90,000 Adidas products to equip the athletes of the time. The partnership between Ventex and Adidas represented, for the French SME, nearly 75% of its annual turnover, i.e. around 200 million francs.

After the break-up, Adidas, which wanted to reduce its supply bases, will be delivered by 2 major platforms: one in Turkey and the other in England.