Discover the shirts of football players with the number 10 most famous

The dorsal number ten is the most sought after by scorers. In addition to the hierarchy in the line-up, this number has a special symbolism for footballers, due to the large number of legends that have worn this number on their backs.

Maradona with Argentina, Ronaldo with Real Madrid, Pele with Brazil or Totti with AS Roma are some of the football players with the number 10 most famous.

These teams and clubs achieved great sporting feats thanks to the genius of their ten numbers. In the following lines we will delve into the footballers with the number 10 most famous of all times. You can't miss them!

Which are the football players with the number 10 most famous?

Ajax, Barcelona, Real Madrid or national teams such as France, Italy, England or Argentina had the ten most legendary numbers in the beautiful game. Want to know their history? Discover it!

Pelé's T-shirt with Brazil

Edson Arantes do Nascimento, better known as Pelé, is one of the few players to have won the World Cup... three times.

During his professional career with the Canarinha, the legendary tenth of the Carioca national team scored 77 goals for Brazil in their 92 games played. In addition, he scored more than 1,000 goals throughout his career, which helps to understand why many consider them the 'king of football'. 

Without a doubt, one of the most famous football players with the number 10.

Totti shirt with AS Roma

For lovers of Italian football, the best ten of all time is called Franchesco Totti, emblem of the Azzurri national team and especially of the Romanista club.

Like Pele, Totti was a one club men, a player who only played for one football club during his career. Rome's all-time leading scorer, he scored more than 300 goals with this squadra. 

In addition to winning the World Cup in 2006, Totti left the field with something more important under his arm: his number ten. The president of AS Roma removed the shirt with this number in tribute to the most iconic player of the Italian team.

Maradona's jersey with Argentina

Another of the most famous players with the number 10 is Diego Armando Maradona, whose brilliance as a striker was counterbalanced by his many controversies off the pitch.

The most important moment of his professional career would come in 1986, when he launched the World Cup leaving two goals for history: the controversial 'Hand of God' and the undisputed 'Goal of the Century'.

Equally noteworthy was his time with Napoli, with which he scored 115 goals in 259 games, which is an astonishing average considering the competitiveness of Serie A.

Messi T-shirt with Barcelona

For many fans, Maradona's legend left his legacy to Lionel Messi, one of the great geniuses of today's football, with several Golden Balls and an astonishing 354 goals in 425 games played for Barcelona.

Although fortune has not smiled on his national team so far, no one could argue that Messi is one of the football players with the number 10 most famous.

Platini T-shirt with France

Although Zidane also wore the number ten with Les Bleus and won a world title, Michel Platini's importance was greater, and therefore his jersey with the mythical 10 remains in the memory of fans.

In addition to winning the Golden Ball on three consecutive occasions, Platini will be remembered for the quality of his game, which without touching Pele's beautiful game or Maradona's madness, managed to make a before and after in the history of this sport.

Ronaldinho T-shirt with Barcelona

Among the players with the number 10 most famous can not miss Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, known internationally as Ronaldinho.

Loved by all and hated by none, Ronaldinho won the FIFA Player of the Year award in 2004 and again in 2005. With the club azulgrana he conquered everything he could imagine, but his performance with the Canarinha was just as plausible.

He scored 33 goals in 97 games for Brazil and played a transcendental role in the 2002 World Cup and the 1999 Copa América.

Bergkamp shirt with Ajax

Dennis Bergkamp stood out for his skill, cunning and astonishing precision in providing assists. Along with Ian Wright and Thierry Henry, Arsenal enjoyed their most lethal historic eleven: Los Invincibles, who completed an entire Premier League season without conceding a single defeat.

Roberto Baggio t-shirt with Italy

The Azzurra team has had a number of important numbers, but Roberto Baggio was a special winner of the Golden Ball in Europe and the FIFA World Player Award.

World Soccer Magazine ranked him 16th on its list of the best players of the 20th century and Pelé himself cited him on several occasions.

However, history will always remember Baggio for his missed penalty against Brazil in 1994, when Taffarel, who was defending the Carioca goal, saw his shot go up in the clouds.

Wayne Rooney t-shirt with England

Wayne Rooney's bicycle dribbling goals are part of Premier League history. Winner of these five times with the Red Devils, Rooney played 442 games with Manchester United, scoring a total of 216 goals, no less.

Laudrup t-shirt with Barcelona

And if you are still wondering which were the most famous footballers with the number 10, Michael Laudrup could not be missing in this list, as he was part of Johan Cruyff's dream team in Barcelona.

In addition, Laudrup can boast of being the best player in the history of Denmark and one of the foreign stars who has never played in the Spanish First Division.

Zico T-shirt with Brazil

Zico was a player with a surprising technique and a vision out of the ordinary, not to mention his skills with the ball at his feet, as it could not be otherwise being one of the top representatives of Pele's Brazil.

Zico played more than 800 games and scored a total of 539 goals throughout his career. Of course, he was one of the best players of the seventies and eighties.