Do you dream of having the Juventus Buffon shirt? You know their history!

Between 2001 and 2017, Gianluigi Buffon was the starting goalkeeper for Juventus in Turin, and this duo became one of the most popular in Serie A, similar to the Totti-Roma or Maradona-Naples tandem.

The Juventus de Buffon jersey witnessed his most famous triumphs, as well as his small scandals and all the charisma that this goalkeeper, who began his career in Parma, gave the leap to the Vecchia Signora and the national team at the beginning of the 21st century.

Buffon's jerseys with Juventus were memorable when he made his debut in 2001, finished runners-up in the Champions League a year later, relegated his team to Serie B or bid farewell in 2017. Discover the most unforgettable moments of the most famous Italian goalkeeper!

5 interesting facts that will help you understand the history of the Juventus of Buffon jersey

As a child he was known as Topo Giggio for his protruding ears and the similarity of his appearance to a famous TV mouse, but for almost two decades Buffon was the great protector of the Juventine goal - his stop and block records continue to amaze locks and strangers!

In the following lines you will discover some of the most interesting facts about Juventus Buffon's jersey. You can't miss them!

A difficult but promising debut

The first Juventus Turin Buffon jersey has a special place for its fans, being the first of many to be worn by the Italian star.

She had previously played for Parma, but the Juventus team made a million-dollar offer for their first-choice goalkeeper, taking Buffon's services for no less than 54 million euros. This made the Italian the most expensive goalkeeper of the moment.

His beginnings in the Veccia Signora were really difficult, making glaring mistakes that would confront the fans. However, Buffon recovered and managed to convince everyone that the future successes of Juventus Turin passed through his saving hands.

During the 2001-02 season, Buffon wore a Lotto outfit with FastWeb advertising. He wore a black jersey with a silver front, a round neck and black shorts

A dorsal 1 adopted after the scandalous 88

The 'eternal' dorsal 1 wore behind Buffon's jersey with Juventus of Turin during his stay at Veccia Signora.

However, Buffon was dragging from his stay at Parma a scandal related to the number 88 that he adopted when he was playing for this club. Apparently, the goalkeeper would have chosen the number 00, in allusion to the value associated in Italy to 'have eggs', but before the impossibility of using this number, he chose the 88, for similar reasons.

However, this choice was misinterpreted by the fans of Parma, who accused him of claiming nothing less than the cry of 'Heil Hitler! (h is the eighth letter of the alphabet).

To avoid unnecessary polemics, the Italian then changed it for the dorsal 77, which for reminding him of "the legs of a woman". Anyway, the number 1 was chosen to defend the colors of the Signora Neighborhood and is therefore so sought after by fans.

Witness of honor in runners-up of the Champions League

Although Juventus Buffon's jersey never saw them win any UEFA Campaign League titles, they did witness two runners-up spots.

In his second season with Vecchia Signora in 2002, Buffon defended in front of AC Milan at Old Trafford Stadium in Manchester. The match was saved with a draw and the penalties resolved the tie in favor of the Milan club.

Unfortunately in the 2014-2015 season, when Juventus reached the final against Barcelona, a score of 3 to 1 again snatched the title from the Turin..

Buffon's unusual Serie B outfit

After the Calciopoli scandal, Juventus Turin were forced to return to Serie B . In the 2006-07 season, Gianluigi Buffon wore a green t-shirt with black linear motifs on the sleeves, black shorts and green socks, with Tamoil's advertising.

That Buffon shirt from Juventus in Turin has no great sporting value, despite having starred in the promotion to the first division of the Vecchia Signora. However, this outfit is a reflection of Buffon's professional commitment.

The Juventine goalkeeper was one of the few players who did not leave the club's ranks during the controversial Calciopoli. In the words of the Italian, "when I decided to play in Serie B, I did so willingly because I believe there are men, there are players, who have the possibility by making decisions to send a positive signal to the fans, to sport. It was a time when someone like me had to send a signal: that we players also have feelings, that there are more things than money and popularity.

The last Juventus de Buffon jersey was worn against Hellas Verona during the 2017-2018 season. The Italian was playing in front of his fans, and so when he appeared in the 63rd minute, he received a standing ovation from his tiffosi and even a corridor from his teammates. Not in vain had conquered Serie A again.

Buffon bid farewell to the Vecchia Signora in a very colourful outfit, with an intense green shirt, trousers and socks, a pattern of black triangles on the sleeves and Jeep advertising in the middle.

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