Force Rome! 7 things you didn't know about Francesco Totti's mythical t-shirt

To speak of Totti is to speak of the legend of AS Roma, of its franchise player, of the eternal captain.

During his more than twenty years in the Romanista club, Francesco Totti's jersey has witnessed countless sporting successes (and defeats), with feats as memorable as his first runners-up spot in the 2002 Italian Cup, his victory in the 2006 edition or the conquest of Serie A during the 2000-01 season.

In these and many other moments, Totti's shirt was present, sometimes being the protagonist. Captain Giallorosso marked a turning point in the history of the Romanista club.

The Italian star can boast of being one of the few men's clubs in Serie A and European football in general. Although Real Madrid and AC Milan tempted the Romanista player from an early age, Totti remained loyal to Rome, and so his clothing (for a score of seasons) has acquired a special value.

However, his participation in two World Cups with the Italian national team must also be taken into account, as Franchesto Totti is proud to have won the World Cup once. Needless to say, his azzurra jersey with the number 10 on his back is one of the most sought after by fans.

Unbelievable! These facts about Francesco Totti's t-shirt won't leave you indifferent

"To be captain of Rome is to embody the dream of many children." These words belong to Francesco Totti, who wore the Romanista shirt for 24 years.

In the following lines you will discover some of the greatest curiosities and interesting facts about Francesco Totti's shirt. You can't miss them!

1993, the debut of a legend

Totti took his first steps as a professional footballer in 1986, when he joined the Associazione Sportiva Lodigiani.

However, it was at the age of 16 that the Italian star made his debut in the Italian first division on 28 March 1993. He did so against Brescia Calcio, with a victory that foreshadowed the good moments that awaited him in the garnet jersey.

That's how Totti explained his feelings. "When I first came on the pitch I was overwhelmed by the pride of playing for my city, for my grandfather, for my family. In 25 years, that pressure - that privilege - has never changed.

Francesco Totti's first team had the traditional red garnet of the Romanista club. It was characterized by its high neck finished in yellow tip, the same color as the cuffs. Adidas signed this shirt, which had the advertiser Barilla.

500 matches with the giallorossi t-shirt

Another curiosity of Francesco Totti's jersey is the number of matches played with this maglia.

May 5, 2012 was special for the captain romanista, since it was then when he played his 500th match against Catania. As if that weren't enough, the Italian completed that symbolism with a double by Totti.

Totti and the 2006 Azzurri outfit

As we've been warning, the mythical 10 of Rome didn't reach world fame with the giallorossi jersey alone. With the Italian national team, Francesco Totti's clothing has also reached a great symbolism for his fans.

Although he made his debut for the Azzurro in the 2002 World Cup, it was at the 2006 World Cup that he made history.

After defeating Ghana, USA, Czech Republic, Australia and Germany, Italy reached the final against Zidane's favourites France. It was all decided in the penalty shootout, so it was one of the most dramatic finals in living memory.

Totti wore a jersey, shorts and socks with the characteristic blue of the Italian team, but with characteristic details, such as the shaded armpits or the golden dorsals.

24 years with the Romanista T-shirt, 6 different manufacturers

Just because Francesco Totti is a one club men doesn't mean that the designer of the outfits he wore showed the same loyalty to the club romanista. During the 24 years Totti spent on the bench at AS Roma, his jerseys have been designed by up to six different manufacturers.

Adidas between 1991 and 1994, ASICS between 1995 and 1997, Diadora between 1998 and 2000, Kappa between 2001 and 2003, again Diadora between 2004 and 2007, again Kappa between 2008 and 2013, AS Roma Collezione for a single season and Nike from 2018, which promises to continue until 2021.

From Rome to outer space

Due to his success in the Romanista club and the love of his fans, Francesco Totti's last jersey was sent into space from French Guiana.

This is not fake news. It happened during the summer of 2017, coinciding with Totti's last season. In the words of the authors of this initiative, "AS Roma considered that the last maglia of their eternal idol should remain forever in a different place.

The T-shirt you never wore

Earlier it was mentioned that many clubs 'courted' the Italian star, who had a natural talent for goal. Of all his suitors, Real Madrid were the most insistent in bringing the Italian star to the Spanish capital.

However, the president of the white club never managed it, but he did manage that Totti will send a dedicated team with a very special message. As Totti himself reported on Sky Sport, "the president of Madrid, Florentino, wanted my shirt with a different dedication than normal dedications. He asked me to write that I am 'the only player who has told me not to sign for Madrid.

The farewell of a legend

Franchesto Totti's last jersey on the pitch was for the 2016-2017 season. It was a minimalist dress, with the classic garnet of Rome, accompanied by a round neck with a yellow line, to match the Nike brand swoosh.

It happened on May 28, 2017 against Genoa. Although he came in as a substitute, he received a heartfelt ovation from his fans. The eternal captain explained: "I can still close my eyes and remember that feeling. The colours, the songs, the smoke from the exploding firecrackers. I felt like such a complete child just to be in the stadium around other fans of Rome that something lit up inside of me. I don't know how to describe it.