If you like Shevchenko find out all about the Milan t-shirt he wore

Although Chelsea F.C. and Dinamo Kiev also benefited from the genius of their play, Andriy Mykolayovych Shevchenko's story is linked to AC Milan.

Between 1999 and 2006, the Ukrainian star scored a total of 175 goals in 322 matches in Rossoneri clothing. Her move to Milan ended at 30 million euros, a record for the period. In perspective, this price is very cheap considering the goals he brought to the box of the Rossoneri club.

And of course, Shevchenko's Milan jersey has absorbed some of his mystique over the seasons he spent on Milan's benches.

In the following lines we will discover some of the most fascinating facts about Milan's Shevchenko shirt. You will be surprised!

5 most interesting facts about Shevchenko's Milan T-shirt

Nicknamed Sheva by his teammates and his biggest fans, Shevchenko are among the best players in the history of Serie A and European football by extension.

But what are the most interesting facts about Shevchenko's shirt with Milan? Find out!

Sheva's Milan debut

It was on 28 August 1999 when the Stadio Via del Mare de Lecce witnessed the debut of one of the future emblems of the Rossoneri club, Shevchenko.

The Ukrainian finished that first season with a total of 24 goals, a surprising record for his first year at AC Milan, although Sheva was no rookie. In Dynamo Kiev he already showed his genius.

Designed by Adidas, the 1990 season's Milan outfit surprised by the presence of a thinner than usual red-and-black striped pattern, with black shorts and socks, high collars and Opel advertising.

Without a doubt, one of the Milan Shevchenko T-shirts most sought after by fans and collectors alike!

The most famous number 7 in the history of AC Milan

Shevchenko was already wearing the number 7 on the back of his Dynamo Kyiv jersey even before he arrived at the Milan club's bench.

In the Ukrainian's words, "there is a good story about my choice of number 7. I remember that Ibrahim Ba arrived, he said: 'If you want it, I'll leave you this number'. I thanked him, he was perfect. Two days later, a childhood friend of mine called me and said, 'Do you know that in Hebrew the name 7 is Sheva? I couldn't believe it. He said it would bring me luck and that's what happened.

Of course, one of the biggest curiosities of the Shevchenko shirt of Milan.

The penalty that raised Sheva

Just as Roberto Baggio and other stars became infamous for missing decisive penalties, Shevchenko's jersey with Milan was one of the best-sellers of the 2002-2003 season.

During that year's UEFA Champions League final, Shevchenko became AC Milan's hero by scoring the decisive penalty against Juventus in the privileged Old Trafford setting.

The fact is that there are sporting outfits that have become a reflection of historic triumphs. Shevchenko's 2002-2003 is certainly one of them.

2004: the boom season and the symbolism of his shirt

The 2003-2004 season was one of the most successful in AC Milan's recent history. In addition to winning the Scudetto, the Italians would win the Serie A capocannoniere.

During the Italian Super Cup, Shevchenko surprised locals and strangers with a hat-trick in the final against Lazio. Shevchenko's Milan shirt of that season had the traditional colours of the Rossoneri club, with black details on the sleeves and a very peculiar round neck.

But it also had a series of symbols, very difficult to interpret for fans who do not regularly follow the Serie A. First of all, the goal in the centre of the team indicates that AC Milan won the Italian Cup last season.

On the other hand, the star on the club's shield reminded his rivals that, unlike most of them (except Juventus and Inter Milan), they had won Serie A ten times in their career.

Farewell to Ukrainian genius

It was on May 14, 2006 when Sheva had the opportunity to say goodbye to his tiffosi against Totti and Christian Panucci's Roma. Shevchenko left the pitch amidst the applause and cheers of his fans, taking with him not only his sporting titles, but also the affection of one of the best fans in Europe.

In the words of the Ukrainian star, "I have a special relationship with the people of Milan, they are always in my heart. The emotions I felt are indescribable. I remember the second year, goal after goal, Sunday after Sunday, at the San Siro there were more and more Ukrainian flags.

Milan's last Shevchenko shirt was special in every way. It was a design signed by Adidas with Bwin advertising, which was characterized by wearing a shirt with the classic red and black stripes, black sleeves with a linear pattern in the colors of the club, shorts and black socks, with thin red lines on the top of the sock.

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