Is it possible to find cheap vintage football shirts?

There are one and a thousand vintage t-shirts available in the main marketplaces for buying and selling sports clothing. However, finding cheap vintage football shirts can be an impossible challenge.

However, getting the legendary 1986 World Cup Maradona jersey, the Barça de Cruyff outfit or Beckenbauer's 1990 Germany jersey at affordable prices is perfectly possible.

Setting alerts on Google, bidding on the best auctions, going to the best suppliers of vintage shirts or making regular counteroffers are among the best techniques for getting cheap retro football shirts. Get to know them in depth!

How to find cheap vintage football shirts (and not die trying)

In the following lines you will find a series of tips to find cheap vintage football shirts with the best value for money. There are bargains in this industry, but it's important to know how to find them to take advantage of the opportunity. Are you ready? Let's get started!

Turn to specialist suppliers

The Internet is huge, so it is not surprising that there are various ecommerces and portals for buying and selling old football shirts. However, not all of them are equally recommendable.

It is possible to find cheap old football shirts on eBay or Amazon, but professionals are careful to purchase products on these platforms, due to the large number of replicas, counterfeits and various scams that abound.

The best thing to do is look for vintage football shirts in specialty stores such as The Football Market. Beyond the confidence of working with professionals in this industry, this marketplace has postage from 1 euro, the ability to return the product up to 30 days after purchase and other very interesting features.

Establish ads with Google Alerts and other tools

For those who regularly buy cheap retro football shirts, search engines like Bing, Yahoo! and especially Google are powerful allies.

Tracking every day all the ads that are uploaded to the net is a tedious, repetitive and unnecessary task. That's why the most sighted shoppers use digital resources to help them in this task.

Google and other search engines have a very interesting option to receive notifications when a certain content is captured by their network of 'robots' crawlers. The most widely used is Google Alerts, but Yahoo Alerts and other options have proven equally useful.

In this sense, tools such as Mediatoolkit, Talkwalker Alerts, Awario (exclusively for Facebook, Twitter or YouTube) or Mention will help you to 'hunt' any opportunity to surf the Internet marketplaces.

Sometimes you don't have to be a first-class negotiator to get a 'bargain': you just have to find it before any good negotiator, analyze the product quickly and get hold of it. It's that simple!

Stay tuned for auctions

Auctions are not the best way to get sportswear.

The presence of fraud, the difficulty in evaluating the product through images or the insecurity of buying online without establishing contact with anonymous sellers are counterparts to consider in this mode of buying and selling, which is nevertheless very popular among fans.

And it is popular precisely because it is possible to get very cheap classic football shirts. But as the saying goes, not all that glitters is gold. Consequently, it is important to always bid with a cool head, knowing beforehand what the real value of the shirt is and what the price above which the bid should be abandoned is.

Generally speaking, the only way to get bargains at auctions is to understand the difference between the real value of the shirt (what it really costs) and its market value (what you pay for it). This way, you'll know when to retire in time and when to take advantage of the insecurity of other bidders to overcome their bids and get your fabric 'jewel'.

Make counteroffers for those shirts that interest you

But as mentioned above, auctions of cheap old football shirts are not the best way to buy this type of product, for the above reasons.

It is much more advisable to make counteroffers for those shirts for sale in which you are interested. If a Pep Team Barça outfit sells for €150, it is likely to be available for €125 if we make a counteroffer of €110.

The art of racing is not to everyone's liking, so we shouldn't be surprised if the seller in question is annoyed at our intentions to lower the selling price. This should not worry future buyers.

On average, for every 10-15 counteroffers we will receive a response from 3-5 of them, and one of them could be affirmative, without the need to make a new counteroffer. As is evident, getting cheap classic football shirts is a matter of perseverance and patience.