Ronaldinho fan? The shirt you wore in Barcelona FC has an incredible history

It's been called in many ways: La Alegría Del Fútbol, Ronnie, El Brujo de Porto Alegre or Ronnie Macarroni.

To speak of Rolandinho is to speak of one of the best players of all time, despite the fact that the star carioca only showed its maximum performance for a few seasons. His state of 'grace' occurred under the orders of Frank Rijkaard, when Brazilian led his team, with the dorsal 10 at the back.

Ronaldinho's Barcelona shirt has 'absorbed' part of his triumphs and sporting exploits, which is why so many fans and collectors continue to demand this iconic outfit.

Next we will review some of the facts and most significant data on the shirt of Ronaldinho's Barça. How was the debut of the genius carioca, who inherited his famous dorsal 10, how was his farewell to the Campo Nou? Discover it!

These 5 facts about Ronaldinho's Barcelona jersey will enchant your fans

The Porto Alegre player left an indelible mark on the Blaugrana club, of which he would say after his departure: "I had five wonderful seasons, a team that likes strikers and talented players. As you will discover in the following lines, there are many data that have wrapped the shirt of Ronaldinho with Barcelona in a halo as magical as the striker himself. You can not miss them!

The premiere of the Smile of Football

As could not be otherwise, Ronaldinho released the elastic azulgrana with victory against Athletic Club, a rival not easy for the genius carioca. However, he could not score a goal until facing Sevilla, which he beat with a shot from more than twenty meters. The Camp Nou gave him the first of many ovations for his mastery with the ball in his feet.

Ronaldinho's shirt with Barça from the 2003-04 season was special in every sense. Designed by Nike, had a striped pattern blaugranas with different texture in the area of the armpits and sleeves, in order to improve perspiration.

The high collar in blue with a fine red line stood out, a rarity considering Barça's taste for round necks without major adornments.

Ronaldinho and his dorsal 10 in the Champion League

Although the blaugrana club's No10 is currently linked to Lionel Messi, not many know that it had previously belonged to the Brazilian striker. Ronaldinho's Barcelona jersey cannot be imagined without the number 10 on his back.

For fans, moreover, this number is related to one of the most epic triumphs in living memory. It happened during the 2005-2006 season, when Ronaldinho won his first UEFA Champions League. The final against Arsenal FC took place on 17 May 2006, and although no goals from Ronaldinho made it to the scoreboard, it was crucial in the goals of Samuel Eto'o and Belletti.

The outfit was another design signed by Nike, with a blaugrana striped pattern with a greater number of stripes, accompanied by a blue round neck and a very unique short-sleeved style. The Catalan flag on the back of the collar stood out, which would end up being a trend in future outfits.

The inheritance of Ronaldinho to Messi? His dorsal

Ronaldinho had an enormous influence on Lionel Messi. From the carioca genius he received much more than advice: he received the characteristic dorsal of the future 'D10S' of the club blaugrana.

In the words of Messi, "before leaving came a few months that things were happening, had in his head that was going and told me to keep his number. [...] I took it without looking at what he had done with the shirt, otherwise I wouldn't have taken it".

This is another of the great curiosities that have surrounded the shirt of Ronaldinho's Barça. Unbelievable, right?

And that after Messi nobody can use it!

There are not a few clubs that withdraw a dorsal in a symbolic way, to honor a prominent figure. Although Ronaldinho did not render this honor, he has demanded it for his ex-partner and friend, Leo Messi.

According to Ronaldinho affirmed to a known rotary, "they should leave the dorsal 10 there so that nobody can return to touch it", because in opinion of the carioca star, nobody will be able to surpass to the Argentinean one. Of course, an interesting sign of affection for Messi.

Farewell to the carioca genius

Another of the most important moments witnessed by Ronaldinho's shirt with Barça occurred in the final stretch of 2008.

During that season, Ronaldinho announced his definitive farewell to FC Barcelona. Since his arrival at the club azulgrana, the Brazilian had shown a questionable taste for the nightlife of the Catalan capital. And it is that the own player confessed later that "out of the field of game, better there (in Barcelona) than in any other place of Europe".

Nevertheless, Ronaldinho had his deserved farewell against Levante, before which he obtained a resounding victory of 5 to 1, receiving a heartfelt ovation of its public. 

However, his last goal came on 2 March 2008, against Atletico Madrid and was a very special goal, not so much for being the last as for his difficulty: nothing less than Chilean.

In the last of his seasons with Barça, Ronaldinho had a bad performance, despite which he accumulated a total of 94 goals scored in 204 official games with the elastic azulgrana. An enviable record!

In his last matches, Ronaldinho wore a shirt with the traditional striped pattern blaugranas, blue shorts, striped socks and round neck finished in point. The icon of the manufacturer, the advertiser and the dorsal appeared in yellow.

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