These eight '90s football shirts will surprise you

For vintage T-shirt enthusiasts, the nineties had a very special flavor. It was
the time of Ronaldo Nazario and Cafu, Andy Cole, Zinedine Zidane and
Thierry Henry, Diego 'Cholo' Simeone and other historic players.
His football shirts from the 1990s have remained in the minds of fans, from
the secondary teams of Arsenal, Barcelona and Hull City to the costumes of
such legendary teams as France in 1998 and the USA in 1994.
If anything characterised the football shirts of the 1990s, it was their
character, their personality. Many clubs surprised their fans with modern and
innovative designs.

What were the most emblematic football shirts of the 1990s?

In the following lines you will find a selection with the football shirts of the 90
most emblematic of this decade, either by sports merits, by the rarity of their
designs or by the stars that immortalized them. You can not miss them!

United States, 1994

As hosts of the 1994 World Cup, the United States was the center of
attention, just like South Korea in 2002 or South Africa in 2008.
That is why Adidas took special care in the design of its clothing, being
especially innovative in the visiting equipment.
While her local dress was based on the red and white bars of her flag, the
visitor wore white stars on a blue background. The result was one of the most
remembered football shirts of the nineties.

Barcelona, 1996-97

The Barça of Ronaldo Nazario preceded those of Ronaldinho and Lionel
Messi, being one of the most remembered.
For vintage T-shirt enthusiasts, the second outfit of the 1996 Blaugrana club is
not to be wasted - it really was a very original design!
Its turquoise blue color already put the fans on notice, since it was not a
habitual tonality in Barcelona FC. It had various details in shades of blue and
red, with a general pattern that resembled patches cut out with square and

SuperSport, 1999-00

This is one of the football shirts from the 90's that is most remembered in
Spain, due to the epic that starred in the late twentieth century.
Historically very few teams have competed for the title of La Ligua: Real
Madrid, Barcelona FC, Athletic Club and occasionally Atlético de Madrid and
Valencia FC.
In the 90's, Deportivo de La Coruña starred in one of its biggest spells, being
known as the Super Sports. This streak culminated in the Spanish first
division title in 1990-00.
For football lovers, the equipment worn during that season is a relic. Its design
was traditional, with blue and white vertical stripes and the socks, trousers
and blue collar, as well as the sponsor Feiraco.

France, 1998

On the occasion of the 1998 World Cup, held in France, Les Bleus wore a
very traditional main outfit, with details that immortalized it.
The ultramarine blue integrated white stripes on the collar and sleeves,
decorated in turn with blue and red lines. The dorsal and the manufacturer
lined up on the chest, which contained a thick red stripe.
But what's so special about this '90s football shirt? In addition to being the
absolute protagonist in the conquest of the world title, she wore the most
outstanding number of 1998: Zinedine Zidane's 10.

Hull City, 1992-93

Although animal printing seems to have been invented in the 21st century, the
truth is that this is not the case. In the 1992-93 season, Hull City wore one of
the most memorable football jerseys of the 1990s.
In orange and with a black tiger print, it provoked love and hatred in equal
parts. However, this peculiarity caused it to transcend as one of the most
remembered football shirts of the nineties.

Arsenal, 1991-93

Red and white have been the historical colours of the Gunners' main clothing.
However, the designs of his second outfit are more varied and daring.
Between 1991 and 1993, Arsenal wore a black and yellow shirt with eye-
catching geometric patterns and JVC advertising. Andy Cole, Alan Smith, Ian
Wright or Paul Davis and other stars were in charge of immortalizing it.

Atlético de Madrid, 1997-98

This football jersey from the 90's was known for the controversy it
generated in the society of the time.
Due to Jesús Gil's insistence on mixing politics and football, the red and white
club wore a T-shirt that read 'Marbella' on the front for several seasons.
Not many understood, however, that in the team's equipment Madrid
appeared the word 'Marbella' in large letters. Its then president, Jesús Gil,
was mayor of this municipality in southern Spain.

Mexico, 1994

Jorge Campos, mythical goalkeeper of the Mexican national team during the
nineties, occupies a place of honour in the history of football.
And not only because of their stops, but also because of the showy outfit they
wore in 1994, during the World Cup in the United States. The design is not
easy to describe: it had a colorful geometric pattern of irregular shapes, in
shades of green, yellow, eye and blue, similar to lightning or sawtooth.

The football shirts of the nineties are the heritage of the world of football. It
is impossible to recall this era without the outfits of the Super Sports, the
France of the World Cup in '98 or the daring outfit of Arsenal.

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