Top 10 football shirts of the 90 most beautiful in the world

The 1990s is still one of the most remembered, and not only because of nostalgia for GameBoy, Nirvana songs and Spice Girls or Apple's iMac. The most beautiful football shirts of the 90's marked a before and after in this sport.

This was the decade that witnessed Franz Beckenbauer's 1990 World Cup victory in Germany, with one of the most eye-catching outfits in living memory. It was also an important time for the teams of Sweden in 1994 or England in 1990.

Fiorentina 1998, Ajax 1995 and AC Milan 1993, among other beautiful football jerseys from the 1990s, also shone brightly.

You'll hallucinate with the design of these gorgeous football shirts from the '90s.

In the following lines we will delve into the T-shirts of teams and selections that went down in history for the beauty of their design. What are you waiting for to discover them!

Federal Germany (1990-1992)

The clothing that the German national team wore at the World Cup in Italy 90 cannot be missing in this list, for the beauty and attraction of an inimitable design.

With a sober and clean aesthetic, the German t-shirt was white and had three stripes (black, red and yellow) representing the German flag. Adidas was the manufacturer of one of the collector's pieces of sportswear. Among his most outstanding numbers are Juergen Klinsmann, Rudi Voeller and Lothar Matthaus, among others.

For all these reasons, it is considered one of the most beautiful football shirts of the 90.

Ajax (1995-1996)

This Dutch team is always in the tops of vintage clothing, due to its influence beyond the playing fields.

The 1996 Ajax team, European champions, had a single red vertical line, integrating the team's shield, advertiser and manufacturer's logo, Umbro. It had eye-catching details, such as horizontal red and white lines on the sleeves and white trousers, barely modified with the Umbro logo.

It is one of the most beautiful football shirts of the nineties, mainly because it was a time when advertisers did not invade all the available space in the clothing. As if that were not enough, this was the Ajax of Tijani Babadinga and Frank and Ronald de Boer, among others.

Sweden (1994-1996)

The Swedish national team had a good participation in the 1994 World Cup in the United States. There he wore one of the most beautiful football shirts from the 90's, using the classic Adidas style with diagonal lines on the sides.

True, it wasn't a completely original design. But the combination of yellow and blue of the Swedish team resulted in a mythical outfit, which is still very present among fans.

England (1990-1992)

One of the most iconic and beautiful football shirts of the 1990s was worn by England between 1990 and 1992.

Its design was white, with blue details on the sleeves, the shiny blue shorts and the unique style of grey rhombuses and degradé in the centre. Today, this iconic outfit is among the most remembered for the football feats of the English national team, with Bobby Robson, Paul Gascoigne, Paul Parker and Peter Shilton.

AC Milan (1992-1993)

Among the most beautiful football shirts of the 90's is the AC Milan shirt worn between 1992 and 1993. 

It had an elegant design that accompanied the team in different competitions. It stood out for its black and red vertical stripes and its white shorts and socks, with a black strip and a red strip of horizontal cut in the upper area.

This jersey is also synonymous with a time of great work for the team, with the indisputable and precise play of Frank Rijkaard, Roberto Donadoni, Alessandro Costacurta and Paolo Maldini.

Juventus (1995-1996)

The Vecchia Signora occupies a place of honour among the 90 most beautiful football shirts. The Italian club's history is linked to their classic black and white striped outfit, but their visiting outfits hide a few surprises.

During the 1995-1996 season, Alessandro Del Piero, Antonio Conte, Ciro Ferrara and other legends of Juventus wore a different design to all, commissioned to the firm Kappa.

In this historic design was predominantly blue and had some yellow stripes on the shoulder and long sleeve. Its advertiser, Sony, reflected a time of great technological advances in the world of entertainment.

France (1998)

The French team that won the World Cup in 1998 also wore one of the most beautiful football shirts of the 90's in living memory.

Unlike other designs that repeated patterns, the Bleus reinvented the clothing with which they won the Euro in 1984, with a very satisfactory result.

The shirt was mostly blue, with very thin white horizontal stripes and a thick red one. The contour and the sleeve were marked by the tricolor flag, which were the emblems of a selection that dazzled thanks to the game of Zinedine Zidane, Christophe Dugarry, Didier Deschamps or Thierry Henry.

Fiorentina (1998-1999)

Purple shirts in football are usually not successful, except for the model used by Fiorentina during the 1998-1999 season. 

All its tifosi recall the singular contrast of Nintendo's advertising with the design of the Fila brand equipment, which witnessed the sporting exploits of Gabriel Omar Batistuta and other illustrious players.

Croatia (1996)

The 1990s were intense years for the Croatian national team, who competed in 1996 in England with Davor Šuker and a very innovative shirt design. 

With blue socks, white shorts and white and red checked t-shirts, it was a striking design for the time. The Croatian teams subsequently followed suit, but with the fact that the 1996 European Championship was the first they won after separating from Yugoslavia, its value to collectors is incalculable. 

Sampdoria (1992-1993)

Another of the most beautiful 90's football shirts featured another Italian club, Sampdoria, which between 1992 and 1993 wore the most eye-catching outfit.

Its design was light blue and had four horizontal stripes in the center in white, red, black and white again. The successes of Roberto Mancini's Sampdoria attracted a large number of advertisers, whose logos would not have been so enhanced had it not been for the beauty of this mythical outfit.

Brazil (1991)

One of the most successful teams in history, Brazil stood out in the early 90's for a great game and a t-shirt with a careful and elegant design.

Nike was the responsible firm, opting for a simple, all-yellow body, with some green lines for the contour, blue socks with white horizontal stripes in the middle and blue shorts.

As an anecdote, we will point out that it was a very sold t-shirt thanks to an amusing advertisement, as well as to the historical eleven that immortalized it: Romario, Bebeto, Dunga, Mozer, Cafu or Careca, among others.