Top 6 retro football shirts for African clubs and teams

Although Europe is the cradle of world football, certain continents have developed a great tradition for this sport. This is the case in Africa, where 54 countries have a number of prestigious competitions.

Among the winners of the Confederation Cup of CAF and the African Cup of Nations are the cream of African football: clubs such as Kaizer Chiefs and Zamalek SC or teams such as Ghana, Cameroon or South Africa, among others.

And as it could not be otherwise, their retro African football shirts stand out among the most sought after by fans. Rebook, Joma and other manufacturers have left an indelible mark on the history of African football. There is no better way to review it than through their most iconic outfits!

These retro African football shirts (and their designs) won't leave you indifferent

In the following lines you will discover some of the most emblematic African retro football shirts of this continent. From the one used by South Africa to win the 1996 CAF African Cup of Nations to the Zamalek jersey that witnessed their fifth CAF Confederation Cup. You can't miss them!

Cameroon shirt, 1972

One of those vintage African football shirts? You've guessed it: the Cameroon shirt in 1972, when the Central African team beat Nigeria 3-1 by 3-1 to win their first CAF Africa Cup of Nations.

Cameroon wore a green shirt with yellow collar details and short sleeves. It was complemented by yellow socks and red shorts. Overall, it was a very colourful and eye-catching design.

South Africa T-shirt, 1947

Another of the most emblematic vintage African football shirts is South Africa. Their players wore a dark green jersey with a high yellow collar and cords on a yellow outline. The cuffs were the same colour as the African team's shield, with a jumping gazelle.

However, the South African side had no chance of proving their worth in competitions. Due to the desire of its leaders to create two national teams (one for black players and the other for white), FIFA suspended this team in 1962, with momentary readmissions that would end in new suspensions for the same reason.

Kaizer Chiefs T-shirt, 1997

Bradley Carnell, Brian Baloyi, Thabang Lebese and Patrick Mbuthu, among others, represented Kaizer Chiefs during the 1997-98 season.

During those years, the Johannesburg-based South African club wore an iconic Reebok signature yellow with a linear pattern in a darker watermark tone. It stood out for its high neck, with a red line and a black line.

Of course, one of the most interesting retro African football jerseys for football enthusiasts in Africa, as it was the protagonist of the Telkom Charity Cup by Kaizer Chiefs.

Ghana T-shirt, 1982

But among the classic African football jerseys was that of Ghana in 1982, when Abedi Pele, Isaac Paha, George Alhassan, Opoku Nti and other players won the African Cup of Nations under Charles Gyamfi.

The Ghanaian team wore a truly colourful design, with green and yellow stripes on the front and red sleeves. As expected, each of their players wore the black star on the left chest, the unmistakable hallmark of this African team.

Zamalek SC T-shirt, 1996

The 1996-97 season was special for Zamalek Sporting Club, as they won the CAF Confederation Cup for the fifth time in a row, being the only club to do so so so far.

The club's classic African football jerseys left a deep mark on the continent's competitions. This Egyptian team, based in Meet Okba, Guiza, wore clothing very similar to that of Sevilla FC, as not in vain has the same textile manufacturer, Joma.

The Zamalek Sporting Club team stood out in 1996 for its white shirt with red ornaments and logos, including the manufacturer and the advertiser.

Due to its successful trajectory in the Confederation Cup of CAF, it is not surprising that this garment is one of the best-selling of the Egyptian club.

South Africa T-shirt, 1996

South Africa again, but this time in a happier context! In the course of three decades, this team went from being eliminated in successive editions during the 1960s to winning the 1996 CAF Africa Cup of Nations.

Players such as Doctor Khumalo, Eric Tinkler, John Moeti, Helman Mkhalele and David Nyathi were the protagonists of this feat, which was applauded and envied by many because of the tournament's competitiveness.

But what was the design of that retro African football jersey? It stood out for its white outfit with irregular horizontal stripes in black and gold, with a high collar in black and green. The manufacturer was Kappa, who participated in one of the most memorable designs.

Etoile du Sahel T-shirt, 2007

Etoile Sahel may be unknown to European fans, but Africans have great respect for this Tunisian club, which has been playing in official competitions since 1925.

Adidas was responsible for designing an outfit with the traditional colours of the Etoile du Sahel, predominantly white with red motifs and sleeve lines. The presence of a large number of advertisers is surprising: from Coca-Cola and Citröen to LG, among others.

These and other African football clothes marked a before and after in this continent. Do you want to get hold of them? In The Football Market you will have the opportunity to get them with the best quality-price ratio in the market.