Top 8 retro football socks we all wish we had

Liverpool of the 1990s, Napoli of the 1980s and even Arsenal of the last decade have surprised locals and strangers, and not just for their sporting titles.

The retro football socks that made up the teams of these and other clubs have marked a before and after. The sporting feats of McManaman, Henry, Maradona or Stalwart Robbie of Wales would have had a different taste without the peculiar design of their stockings.

Of course, socks are neither the most prominent nor the most visible piece of football equipment. But it should not be downplayed, as they bring the last brushstroke to a football outfit.

What are the retro football socks with the most iconic design?

Obviously, retro football socks are part of the outfit, so they should be studied together with the shirt and socks. In the following lines you will discover some of the most emblematic football socks of all times. You can't miss them!

Wright Arsenal, 1991-1993

Ian Wright and the Gunners' peculiar attire in the early 1990s marked a generation of fans.

The English star and the rest of the team wore black and yellow, with triangles on the shirt, black shorts and retro football socks in the same colours.

For a club like Arsenal, which has traditionally dressed in red and white, this unusual design broke all established standards.

Naples of Maradona, 1988-1989

When we talk about the Maradona stage of Napoli, we always think of blue and white clothing with Mars/Buitoni advertising.

However, during the 1988-1989 season, the Italian squad's second team was red. The vintage football socks of this outfit were the same colour, which was a novelty in the history of the Neapolitan ensemble.

For fans of the 'Pibe de Oro', these vintage football socks are the object of desire, as well as the rest of the equipment.

Henry's Arsenal, 2003-2004

Thierry Henry and the rest of the Arsenal Invincibles team have gone on to become one of the best teams, being remembered for their winning streak in the Premier League during the 2003-2004 season without conceding a single defeat.

Beyond its sporting successes, this Arsenal was characterized by the design of its clothing. Of particular interest are their historic football socks, white in colour with a thick discontinuous red strip on the flanks.

In addition to the French star, the Arsenal had Dennis Bergkamp, Patrick Vieira and Robert Pires among other players to remember.

Pelé's Brazil, 1970

Although the Spain of Luis Aragones and Vicente del Bosque was one of the most successful teams, Pele's Brazil made the best performance in the history of the World Cup in 1970.

Their classic blue and yellow outfits, with green details, were complemented by retro football socks. If design was completely white, but had two horizontal stripes at the top, in the yellow and green tones of 'La Canarinha'.

Liverpool de McManaman, 1994-1995

Before triumphing at Real Madrid and Manchester City, English genius Steve McManaman began to shine at Liverpool, and the vintage football socks he wore were iconic.

Liverpool's second team was not red, but white, black and green, in a very curious combination. The socks were particularly eye-catching due to their elaborate design: green with horizontal white lines and black decorative motifs.

Stalwart Robbie of Wales, 1976-1980

Swansea City star Stalwart Robbie James will not be remembered for his sporting successes in the Welsh national team due to his historic World Cup drought.

Between 1976 and 1980, however, the Welsh team wore a very peculiar visiting outfit: red with large yellow stripes and an interior green line. 

The Red Dragons' vintage football socks wore a similar design, in red with yellow and green stripes, which will be remembered for their aesthetics.

Dortmund by Matthias Sammer, 1996-1997

Borussia Dortmund made a before and after by beating Juventus Del Piero in the UEFA Champions League.

This triumph immortalized the 1996-1997 season in the history of this club. And that's why Matthias Sammer's Borussia Dortmund retro socks are the most sought-after by fans.

Its design was composed of a series of stripes in yellow and black tones, similar to a wasp. Of course, their forwards 'stung' as such during 1996.

Manchester United de Pogba, 2019-2020

Although it is still too early to say, the measures of Manchester United's current outfits are doing merits to move on to posterity.

The design of the socks worn by Paul Pogba and other stars of the Red Devils is one of the most attractive. They show a subtle black to red gradient characteristic of Manchester United, in harmony with the rest of the outfit.

Of course, these historic football socks were very strong on the pitches, and so they will always occupy a place of honour at the Olympus of the football world.