What were the most iconic World Cup retro shirts? Discover them!

There are a lot of retro World Cup jerseys that have marked an era. France in 1982, Croatia in 1998 and Cameroon in 2002 are all part of its history, and not just because of their sporting merits.

The design of some mundialist garments did not leave anyone indifferent. They were bold, innovative, non-conformist. Great stars immortalized them, such as Michel Platini, Socrates, Hugo Sánchez, Michael Laudrup, Zico or Davor Suker.

In the following lines you will find a list with the flower and cream of the vintage World Cup t-shirts. You can't miss them!

10 World Cup retro shirts that won't leave you indifferent

France, 1982

One of the most remembered World Cup retro shirts belonged to one of the icons of French football, Michel Platini.

Although Italy would take the title against Germany at that World Cup in Spain, the French team would leave a very good feeling in that edition, predicting in some way their future success.

Beyond its sporting relevance, the French team's shirt will be remembered as one of the most beautiful in the history of the World Cup. It had a dark blue color dominating, with white details on the sleeves and neck, subtle vertical lines and a very fine red band on the neck.

Cameroon, 2002

A World Cup retro shirt... sleeveless? Impossible! And yet, the 2002 World Cup held in Japan and South Korea witnessed one of the most transgressive outfits of all time.

The Indomitable Lions, led by Winfried Schäfer, fell into the First Group Phrase, despite having Samuel Eto'o in their ranks. However, they starred in a unique episode in the history of the World Cups.

Due to its unusual sleeveless design, FIFA banned its equipment in all matches of the competition. Although Cameroon show this shirt in the official photograph, they played their matches with black sleeves, which were added to respect the rules.

Mexico, 1978

Mexico's tricolor was a selection of contrasts during the 1978 World Cup in Argentina.

His sporting performance was conspicuous by its absence, signing its worst performance in a World Cup, with defeats as painful as the 6-0 defeat by Germany Federal.

But this Mexican selection was very attractive to see thanks to the design of their clothing. Developed by Levi's, it had the typical colors of the Mexican set, with the dominant green and white trousers for the first equipment.

But the surprise was the second team, completely white, with red trousers and two red and green stripes on the shirt. Quite a rarity that, however, was a pleasure to see.

Needless to say, this is another one of the most iconic vintage World Cup t-shirts.

Nigeria, 1994

The 1994 FIFA World Cup in the USA was crowned champions by France, with a discreet performance from the Nigerian team led by Dutchman Clemens Westerhof. 

The Nigerian outfit stood out for its boldness, with an ethnic design in avocado green, white and black tones. Their tribal patterns continue to excite fans more than two decades later.

The performances of Peter Rufai, Augustine Eguavoen, Stephen Keshi, Uche Okechukwu and other Nigerian stars left an indelible mark on this World Cup retro jersey, an icon of the decade.

Spain, 2012

The 2010 World Cup, held in South Africa, will be remembered as the World Cup edition that saw the birth of the famous Tiki-Taka, inherited from Cruyff's Holland.

In addition to lifting the World Cup of that edition, the Spain of Iniesta, Xavi, Casillas and other football stars stood out for its colorful clothing: red shirt with yellow motifs (in the lines, the manufacturer and the dorsal), blue pants and red socks.

Croatia, 1998

The Croatia of Davor Suker, Michael Laudrup and Slaven Bilic boasts one of the most remembered sportswear in the history of the World Cup.

Thirty-two countries took part in the 1998 World Cup, so it was laudable that Croatia were semi-finalists against giants like France and Mexico.

However, it will be eternally remembered for the beauty of its design, very innovative for the time: T-shirt and white trousers with a checkered pattern in red and white and the dorsal in the center.

Brazil, 1986

For lovers of the beautiful game, there is no ugly Brazilian outfit, as the South Americans have always left a good taste in their mouths, both for their sporting performance and their textile designs.

The 1986 World Cup retro jersey deserves special mention. She was dressed by Socrates, Zico, Josimar, Falcao and other celebrities of the moment. His quarter-final clash with France is one of the most memorable.

Its design did not deviate from the most typical Brazilian clothing, being simpler than the current ones.

Mexico, 1994

Jorge Campos, Hugo Sanchez and other Mexican soccer stars are still alive and well in one of the World Cup retro shirts: the one Mexico wore at the U.S. World Cup.

A praiseworthy performance guaranteed the glory of this mythical team. However, what is most remembered today is the peculiar design of his clothing, with patterns and tribal motifs, a reflection of the Inca culture of which Mexicans are so proud.

Soviet Union, 1990

The fourteenth edition of the World Cup was held in Italy and witnessed Federal Germany win the title. The Soviet Union did not sign one of its best performances, but won the prize for the most innovative clothing.

Between 1989 and 1991, Rinat Dasayev, Anatoliy Demyanenko and other Russian stars wore an all red t-shirt with a worn out effect, similar to the grunge texture, designed by Adidas.

This and other World Cup retro shirts are football world heritage. Surviving the passage of time is not easy, and it is therefore surprising that these garments have lasted in the memory of fans.

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