Where to buy retro football shirts

Do you dream of having Pele's clothing with Santos, Cruyff's with Ajax, Baggio's with Azurra, or Diego Simeone's with Atletico Madrid? Where to buy retro football shirts is an issue of great importance for those interested in this industry.

And the fact is that counterfeits and online scams have become a small 'epidemic' on the Internet, generating mistrust among users, which is hurting buyers and sellers alike.

In this context, knowing where to buy vintage football shirts is essential for football enthusiasts. The quality of the stock, the reputation of the seller or the guarantees offered by it are issues to be taken into account.

As you will discover in the following lines, specialized ecommerce, auction houses, general marketplaces or traditional physical stores are the best places to buy classic football shirts.

4 best places to buy retro soccer shirts

Before going deeper into the different options where to buy vintage football shirts, it is worth reviewing the aspects to consider when evaluating each of these options:

  • Quality and variety of stock: it is evident that the wider the offer, the greater the chances of finding authentic relics from the world of football, such as the shirt of Romário with Barça, Maldini with AC Milan or Di Stéfano with Real Madrid.
  • Reputation and prestige of the seller: before being in possession of the shirt and being able to analyse it carefully, the best insurance against scams and counterfeits is the seller's optimal reputation, as well as his commercial history and the valuations of other buyers.
  • Immediacy of purchase: picking up the T-shirt in a physical store is not the same as receiving it 2-3 weeks after purchase, right? The immediacy of the purchase is not decisive, but it does influence the user's experience, as well as their final satisfaction.

Bearing these characteristics in mind, we will discover below which are the most recommended options where to buy retro football shirts. You can not miss them!

Specialized Ecommerces

On the Internet you can find various online stores specializing in the sale of period football clothing, such as The Football Market

One of the great advantages of buying retro equipment in this place is the breadth of supply available, as well as ease and convenience of purchase. Accessing thousands of T-shirts in just a few clicks is something traditional retailers and auction houses cannot compete against.

In addition, the immediacy of this mode of purchase is an added value in every sense, being surpassed only by the purchase of T-shirts in physical store.

For most fans, this is the best place to buy vintage football shirts, as they also enjoy multiple guarantees as consumers, such as the ability to return the product 30 days after purchase.

General Marketplaces

Retro apparel can be found on eBay, Amazon and other ecommerce giants. In fact, inexperienced users tend to prefer this alternative, sometimes just for the ease of having a registered profile or because they are more familiar with its interface.

However, these marketplaces share the same 'Achilles heel': the reputation of their vendors and the authentication of products. Because of the many scams that threaten the online consumer, mistrust is a common problem on eBay and other platforms.

Unlike specialty shops, the lack of security and warranties has led to fewer and fewer users choosing to buy from these online portals.


Auction houses and related online platforms stand out among the places to buy retro football shirts. The breadth of the available stock is an invaluable advantage of this purchase modality, which seduces so much fans of retro apparel.

However, the disadvantages of any auction process should always be kept in mind. Firstly, it is not as quick as clicking 'buy', as some auctions last for weeks. This sense, the ease of buying T-shirts at specialized ecommerces is superior.

On the other hand, it is difficult to find sellers with a good reputation, which generates great insecurity among buyers, especially if the auction takes place in online environments.

It is true that real bargains can be found, but users interested in auctions should know that competition is sometimes fierce. When a vintage t-shirt has a low starting price, this can attract a large number of bidders interested in the product, which will end up raising its final price, making the initial bargain no longer so.

Offline Bazaars

Another of the most interesting options where to buy retro football shirts is in traditional shops and second-hand bazaars. For fans who tend to shop with an open mind, this can be a very interesting option, due to the large amount of fabric 'jewels' that hide in these commercial spaces.

n this case, the immediacy of the purchase is an added value compared to the scarcity of availab