Why Messi's Barcelona t-shirt will be worth a fortune in the future

"I'm more concerned about being a good person than being the best player in the world." It is incredible that these humble words correspond to a player with five Golden Balls on his record (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2015).

Lionel Andres Messi is considered one of the greatest players of all time, always in close comparison with Cristiano Ronaldo, Pele and especially with Diego Maradona.

Although the celestial elastic is very demanded among fans, the shirt of Barcelona de Messi is the undisputed best-seller, as every year tops the rankings of the most demanded football teams.

However, there are many Barça de Messi shirts, so it's worth asking yourself which is the most iconic of all time. Is it your debut in 2004, the Pep Dream 2008, or perhaps your first goal with the club Blaugrana in 2005? Whatever it is, we give you 7 reasons to understand why Messi's Barcelona shirt will reach incalculable values in the future:

7 reasons to understand why Messi's Barcelona shirt will be invaluable in the future

Due to various historical events and eventualities, Messi's Barcelona jersey has been revalued year after year. Beyond its individual titles (such as the Boots and Golden Balls), it has been the key moments lived by its clothes that have influenced its emblematism.

The T-shirt of his debut, a jewel...

The premiere of a player of the stature of Messi has a special interest not only for sports analysts, but also for fans.

That is why the first shirt of Lionel Messi Barça draws special attention. She was dressed on 16 October 2004, during a Catalan derby against Espanyol in the Olympic Stadium of Montjuïc.

Like so many other players taking their first steps with the official eleven, Messi played that match as a substitute, playing the final ten minutes. A debut dreamed by many, enjoyed by very few!

In those early years, La Pulga's blaugrana shirt had the classic blue striped pattern of Barça, with a very simple round neck, red shorts and blue socks, with the dorsal in yellow, harmonizing with other similar details.

He began his career with the numbers 30 and 19

Did you know that before associating his name with the number 10, Messi played his first matches with the numbers 30 and 19? The explanation is simple: when La Pulga began to participate actively in the game of Barça, another genius of football had this dorsal code: Ronaldinho.

Consequently, it is not possible to find the number 10 on the shirt of Lionel Messi's Barça of 2004, 2005 and 2006, as it then wore the number 30. The same happened in the 2007 season, when he was content with the 19.

For the Argentinian star, the number shouldn't have been important in his early years. But sooner or later he would take advantage of the chance to win the number 10 that would immortalize him.

...and today it is the most famous number 10

And it is that the shirt of the Barcelona of Messi would not be understood without the dorsal 10, and for that reason when Ronaldinho announced his exit of the benches blaugranas in 2008, The Flea did not think it twice.

Since then until today (more than a decade later), this number has been inseparable from the Messi, even being reason for such curious nicknames as 'D10S'.

In this way, the Argentine genius followed in the footsteps of Diego Maradona, Francesco Totti, Michel Platini, Neymar Jr., Pele, Roberto Baggio, Wayne Rooney and other superstars of the beautiful game.

He inherited his number from Ronaldinho!

The number 10 of La Pulga was in possession of Ronaldinho, as mentioned earlier. Not many people know, however, that it was the Brazilian's decision to let his number pass into the hands of the Argentinian.

Messi himself explains how he got his hands on this 'inheritance' of Ronaldinho: "Before leaving came a few months that things were happening, had in his head that was going and told me to keep his number. [...] I took it without looking at what he had done with the shirt, but had not taken it.

That shirt Barça de Messi of the 2008-2009 season had a special value, as it carried for the first time the number 10. As if that were not enough, had a very unique design, with a diptych style shirt in the colors azulgranas in place of the classic striped pattern, with Unicef advertising.

The clothing of the first goal of 'The Flea'

It was on 1 May 2005 that the Argentinian star scored his first goal against Albacete. His importance for La Pulga was enormous, as he would be the first of the more than 500 he would score in his 600 games with Barça, which gives a goal average that is difficult to match.

The great friend of Messi, Ronaldinho, remembers this moment: "His first so much was playing to my side, the pass was I who gave it. I always remember our moments playing together there began his professional career. To be part of the beginning of its history for me is something that I remember with much affection".

For La Pulga fans, that Lionel Messi Barcelona jersey that witnessed his first goal is already of enormous value.

He was part of Guardiola's Dream Team...

Although the best eleven in the history of Barcelona FC was Cruyff's, nobody would argue that another of the Dream Team of the club Blaugrana was developed under the orders of Pep Guardiola (hence it is also known as the Pep Team).

This historic eleven took place in the 2008-09 season, the last one that Samuel Eto'o spent with Thierry Henry, Gerard Piqué, Andrés Iniesta, Xavi Hernández or Carles Puyol, among others. That year they won the league, the Copa del Rey and the UEFA Champions League in a hat-trick unprecedented in the history of FC Barcelona.

... and witnessed epic triumphs

Lionel Messi's Barcelona jersey was a privileged witness of unforgettable triumphs: in addition to the aforementioned hat-trick, the Champions League comeback in 2013 against AC Milan, whom they defeated 4-0; the 2011 victory in the same competition against Manchester United (3-1) in that Wembley final or the victories over this same club in 2009 and Arsenal in 2010.

The Classics have also been 'printed' on Messi's clothing, as La Pulga was key in all of them. Memorable were his triumphs of 2010 by a difference of 5 to 0 or the victory harvested a year earlier, when it was a decisive match in the title of La Liga that season and Barça won by 6 to 2.