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      Bologna Football Club 1909, better known as Bologna, is one of the emblems of the Italian first division. Despite his modest record, many retro Bologna FC 1909 jerseys are considered the legacy of the beautiful game.

      Are you a fan of the Rossoblu club and want to buy one of the classic Bologna FC 1909 jerseys? On The Football Market you will discover the widest range of jerseys from this legendary Italian team. From the 1963-1964 season jersey with its red and black colours to the vintage Bologna FC 1909 jersey from the 2007-2008 season, famous for having witnessed the club's return to Serie A.

      There is no shortage of authentic relics of the Bologna outfit, such as white jerseys with a blue stripe on the sleeves. These jerseys and other football classics from Bologna FC 1909 marked a turning point in the club's history.

      Macron, Umbro and other brands have dressed the great stars of Bologna, such as Harald Nielsen, Angelo Schiavio, Felipe Avenatti, Kennet Andersson, Lorenzo Crisetig, Francesco Antonioli, Ezio Pascutti and Giuseppe Savoldi. Needless to say, his numbers have left a deep mark on the most memorable retro football jerseys from Bologna FC 1909.

      The origins of the Bologna ensemble date back to the early 20th century. At the time, it was known as the Bologna Football Club, and its founder, Emilio Arnstein, was a Czech foreigner who received the help of Swiss Louis Rauch, as well as local Leone Vicenzi and Arrigo Gradi, to create this icon Serie A.

      Although fans can't enjoy a piece of the Renato Dall'Ara stadium and the exploits that took place there, they can get a vintage 1909 Bologna FC 1909 football jersey, don't wait any longer and get yours on The Football Market!

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