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      Fußballclub Hansa Rostock, known as Hansa, is one of the few football clubs to have emerged in the German Democratic Republic, currently in the German third division. At The Football Market, you will have the opportunity to buy some of FC Hansa Rostock's most sought-after retro jerseys.

      From the equipment worn during their only victory in the Zweite Bundesliga in 1995, to the clothing that enabled them to win the 1991 GDR Cup, there are so many vintage Hansa Rostock FC jerseys that it would be difficult to choose just one!

      To top it all off, some of FC Hansa Rostock's classic jerseys are linked to the stars who wore them: Rainer Jarohs, Steffen Baumgart, Enrico Kern, Oliver Neuville, Oliver Hüsing or Kai Bülow, among others Bundesliga players, most of whom are still active.

      Manufacturers such as Jako and Adidas have made their mark on FC Hansa Rostock's various vintage football jerseys since the club's inception. It was in 1954 that he began his sporting adventure under the name Sportclub Empor Rostock, in the delicate context of the Iron Curtain.

      The Ostseestadion stadium, the protagonist of an infinite number of feats, is one of those arenas that would not be the same without the classic football jerseys of FC Hansa Rostock, thanks to its strong symbolic value.

      At The Football Market, you will find a varied selection of clothing from all periods of this club, don't wait any longer and get your FC Hansa Rostock retro football jersey!

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