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      The Royal Albert-Elizabeth Club de Mons was a historic team of the Belgian second division, from the city of Mons, whose modest record does not correspond to its centenary trajectory, which had a profound impact on the vintage jerseys of the RAEC Mons.

      On The Football Market, you will have the opportunity to purchase the jerseys that have marked the history of the Dragons. From the retro RAEC Mons jersey with which they won the Belgian first division B title in 2006, to the team that saw their victory in the third division in 1985.

      Brands such as Jako, Adidas, Kappa and more recently Errea have dressed the great stars of Mons Antti Okkonen, Éric Rabésandratana, Wilfried Dalmat, Jordan Massengo, Hocine Ragued, Mustapha Jarju and other players have worn their bib on the classic Mons.

      Some of these jerseys are considered relics of the king's sport, because of their age and symbolic value. RAEC Mons was founded in 1909. Although the bankruptcy forced his disappearance in 2015, there are many Belgian football fans who would like to keep a retro football jersey from the RAEC Mons.

      Despite the club's extinction, Mons fans are still reliving many of their triumphs at Charles Tondreau Stadium, whose territory hosted the Dragons for over a hundred years. Wearing a vintage RAEC Mons football jersey is the best memory you can have of this historic ensemble.

      The Football Market offers you the opportunity to purchase some of RAEC Mons' most sought-after classic football jerseys, available in a variety of sizes and in excellent condition.

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