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      The Royal Football Club of Liège is one of the teams with the longest tradition in Belgian football. Although a member of the Belgian second division, his record is no match for that of Club Brugge, Anderlecht and other giants of the first division... You want to get the classic RFC Liège jerseys?

      For Steelworker fans, there is nothing like getting a vintage RFC Liège jersey for its symbolic value. The team of the 1989-1990 season, which saw its triumph in the Belgian Cup, is particularly remarkable. All the jerseys worn in the five conquests of the Jupiler Pro League will delight their fans.

      These and other classic RFC Liege jerseys owe part of their fame to their unique number: Damien Mouchamps, Freddy Mombongo-Dues, Romain Matthys, Francesco Carratta and Amine Jiyar, among other historical and active players.

      The origins of the Liège club go back to 1899. It was then called Tilleur FC, but in 1925 it was renamed R. Tilleur FC, until its bankruptcy in 1995 forced it to merge with another team, thus adopting its current name.

      One hundred years of history has come a long way, which is why some of the retro jerseys of the Royal Football Club de Liège are considered authentic remnants of Belgian football.

      On The Football Market, you will find the largest selection of vintage jerseys from the Royal Football Club de Liège, with models from all periods, available in different sizes.

      What are you waiting for to get your RFC Liège retro football jersey?

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