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      Stoke City Football Club is one of England's first division teams with the longest history behind it. More than 150 years of good football have had a profound impact on Stoke City's vintage jerseys, which are now in great demand by fans and collectors alike.

      At The Football Market, you will find a variety of classic Stoke City jerseys, available in different sizes. From the jersey that won the 1971 League Cup to the historic jerseys worn during the 1890-1891 season when the Football Alliance was conquered, which has now disappeared.

      The history of potters dates back to 1863. At that time, he was known as Stoke Ramblers, and his eleven were made up of schoolchildren from Chaterhouse School.

      Part of the charm of Stoke City's retro jerseys lies in its most legendary numbers: Gordon Banks, Bruno Martins Indi or Robert Huth, not to mention Erik Pieters, Marko Arnautović, Asmir Begović or Peter Crouch. Manufacturers such as Adidas and Macron have dressed them, the latter being the one that appears in their most recent outfits.

      In the Stoke City showcases, the Football Alliance, Football League Championship and League Cup trophies stand out to the pride of its fans. A great way to keep a piece of their history is to own a retro Stoke City football jersey, and so their demand continues to grow on The Football Market.

      It is only on this site that you will have the opportunity to get the most precious classic football jerseys from Stoke City, what are you waiting for to get yours!

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