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      Union Sportive Orléans Loiret Football can boast of being one of the oldest and most traditional clubs in Ligue 2. Since its creation in 1920, they have worn countless vintage US Orleans jerseys in various designs and shapes.

      On The Football Market, you will find the largest selection of classic American jerseys from Orléans, with real vintage jerseys, such as the 2014 jersey that won the National Championship that season.

      Manufacturers such as Adidas and Puma have dressed the teams of this club since its creation. The history of the Union Sportive Orléans Loiret Football dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. His name was then Arago Sports Orléanais, but in 1976 he adopted the name under which he is greeted on the field.

      Yohan Demoncy, Ousmane Cissokho, Thomas Renault, Gaëtan Perrin, Karim Ziani and other Ligue 2 stars have proudly worn Orleans' retro jerseys, many of which are precious.

      Since its opening in 1976, the Stade de la Source, which hosts one of the best fan clubs in the world, has seen Orléans' team win some of its greatest successes in the French department of Loiret.

      For its biggest fans, there is nothing like attending a match in this stadium with a vintage US Orleans football jersey, due to the particular symbolism of these period jerseys.

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