Our history

Get ready, you're going into the field
The philosophy of play on The Football Market: to offer authentic vintage jerseys from all over the world and from all eras to transport you back to the football of the past that you loved so much
Come on, we'll explain the tactics!
Our projection forward
Do you feel nostalgic for a footballing period that you enjoyed, that made you smile or even cry (if that happens, don't hide)? Do you want to get the famous jersey of these exploits to remind yourself of its history just by looking at it? Well, we're with you in this search.

We're not at our first try, you know, because the story of The Football Market started almost 10 years ago. An attic, old dusty jerseys in a cardboard box, a desire to give them a second chance, a second life. What to do with it? Use it to remember the past of football because it's beautiful and above all because it feels good.

We, The Football Market, are a little like the player who has a bottle in a team. We take you under our wing, we accompany you in your progress and your search for performance.

Our defensive withdrawal

Finding jerseys has become simple, but finding authentic retro jerseys is more complicated. Our battle from the midfield to us is the latter, that of authenticity. We only offer you original and period jerseys and for this reason, our team of experts carefully examines all the jerseys we offer.

We also like green (even if we don't necessarily like Saint-Etienne). To avoid being ecologically offside, giving the jersey a second life will prevent the destruction of a product that has already cost the planet so much. We work daily to find sustainable and ecological solutions for our activities.

Our starting 11 on the game sheet

11 ? The Football Market is huge but not yet big enough to compete with Barça on the pitch.

We have a captain, it's Clément, he's kind of our own Didier Deschamps. He is the one who founded the site nearly 10 years ago and yes, he was the one who stored his jerseys in his attic (if you don't have the ref, it's a few lines above). He has extensive experience in second-hand clothing and e-commerce.

Then there's a vice-captain. It's Charles, he recently arrived in the adventure The Football Market. He is a football specialist, he does a little radio, writing, research, in short he is the Swiss Army knife of the team, our own Andrea Pirlo.

We also have partners who follow us in our activities. They are graphic designers, referencers, logisticians, dressmakers, printers in short they are like our physical and technical trainers, without them, it would be complicated.

The team is regularly supplemented by supersubs. These people want to learn in the field of e-commerce and football so we open our doors to them to support them. The Football Market is also about that, a collective spirit.

Our call-counter-call

The Football Market is based in Caen because the whole team is from here and we are proud of it OK! Okay, it's not the most glamorous city in terms of football, but we still had a good time. It's also our desire, to stay in Normandy and develop the local activity by working with locals, we like the fast game with a touch of ball.

Put on your jersey and join the team!

They talk about us

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